Woman loses baby after boyfriend gave abortion pills without her consent

A woman has claims that her boyfriend gave her abortion pills without her consent for several months, which resulted in the death of her daughter on the day of her birth.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, a woman who goes by the name Aba shared her harrowing story of how her boyfriend gave her abortion drugs without her knowledge or consent by slipping them into her food and, shocking, during sex. Aba was pregnant with her baby and her boyfriend didn’t want her to be.

Although the poisoning lasted for months, she only discovered it after discovering abortion-inducing drugs that had leaked out of her body. She mentioned: “[M]my then-boyfriend inserted two abortion pills into my vagina in the disguise of oral and digital sex on the morning of February 20, 2022 when I was 17 weeks pregnant.”

Aba started feeling unwell soon after, but thought it was food poisoning. However, she described how, after rushing to the bathroom, she looked at “the handkerchief… [and] saw a hexagonal pill. I wasn’t sure what was going on so I wiped again and on that towel was another pill”.

“Too much of her brain was compromised from all the abortion pills I received throughout my pregnancy.”

Aba had not inserted the pills and she suspected they were abortion-inducing drugs after searching for pictures online. She went to the hospital where the pharmacist said the pills could be abortion pills and that the symptoms she experienced, including loss of amniotic fluid, were consistent with taking the medication causing the abortion. abortion, misoprostol.

At this point, Aba said her baby was fine, but she was scared because she now suspected her boyfriend had poisoned her by changing her regular medication for months. She recalls that a few weeks earlier, in her normal pregnancy meds, she had seen “a smaller, hexagonal-shaped pill that didn’t look like the others.”

“After finding the two pills of the same shape coming out of my body, I later realized that this man had changed my prenatals throughout my pregnancy. By the time I first noticed this pill in December, I was about 8 weeks pregnant.

“To this day, I have no idea how many he gave me.”

She had thought that her boyfriend, who was initially extremely upset that she got pregnant, was supporting her and it never occurred to her that he was giving her abortion drugs without her consent. She described an occasion when he made a smoothie that he insisted Aba drink and other occasions when he gave her pills that he said would treat her other medical needs.

Aba mentioned“At the time, I didn’t think he had changed my pills yet. I agreed. There were days he would drive straight from his house to mine just to give me my pills and then leave.”

When Aba was 24 weeks pregnant, she was admitted to hospital with very heavy bleeding.

“On April 21, 2022, my daughter was born. That same day, his death certificate was signed. After she was born, I was told that because of the constant interference, she had no chance of leading a prosperous or healthy life.”

“Too much of his brain was compromised by all the abortion pills I received throughout my pregnancy. To this day I have no idea how many he gave me” .

“I was in labor for 17 hours. I held her for as long as I could. I spoke to her and told her how much I loved her. I pray that I can be with her again a What she faced and endured inside me was not fair and I wish I could have protected her somehow.”

Aba mentioned that she reported these events to the police, but so far no known action has been taken.

Right To Life UK spokeswoman Catherine Robinson said: “This is a truly sad story that shows the dangers of making abortion pills readily available. We don’t know how Aba’s boyfriend got hold of the abortion drugs, but we do know that in the UK it’s easier than ever to get hold of such drugs without ever seeing a medical professional. The availability of “home-made” abortions means that a woman can access abortion medication entirely outside of a clinical setting. Once she grabs them, there’s no way of knowing who’s taking them and someone with malicious intent, like Aba’s boyfriend, could grab them and force someone to have an abortion. without his knowledge or without his consent.

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