Where to find abortion pills and how to use them

In states with liberal laws, like New York and California, a person can get a medical abortion at a reproductive clinic, and in many of those states, it’s also possible to do everything remotely, via a telemedicine consultation.

In states trying to restrict abortion, it has become difficult to find a clinic, and some have also banned telemedicine abortion. Whether deer is overturned, doctors in these some of these states are committing a crime if they prescribe pills.

But it is still possible to get them. One way is to get a mailing address in a state where telemedicine abortion is legal. Another option is to go through Aid Access, which has overseas doctors who will prescribe the pills and ship them from a pharmacy in India. Because Aid Access has doctors who do not work in the United States, they are not subject to state laws (as long as they do not travel to those states). With this workaround, Aid Access says, it continues to perform telemedicine abortions and send pills to all 50 states.

A person can also order pills directly from a pharmacy outside the United States without a prescription and then manage the abortion themselves.

An organization called Plan C has a search engine that will suggest the easiest way to get abortion pills in each state. He maintains a list of foreign pharmacies he deems legitimate, which deliver the pills starting at around $250. This itinerary requires a credit card or other electronic payment method.

Is it difficult to order abortion pills in India?

Yes. Pharmacy websites often look rather dodgy, and according to the US FDA, importing pills from outside the country is generally illegal. However, the agency has a policy of turning a blind eye when drugs are for personal use.

Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of legal risk for individuals ordering pills online, although that may change in the future if states seek to make it a crime.

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