Virginia supplier fired for refusing to supply contraceptives, abortion pills, sues CVS

A Virginia nurse practitioner has filed a lawsuit against drugstore chain CVS after she said she was fired from the Alexandria MinuteClinic for refusing to provide certain birth control or abortion pills to customers, reports 7News.

Paige Casey has filed a lawsuit in the Prince William County Circuit Court, with her lawyers saying she was fired after “following the teaching of her Catholic faith” which they say prohibits her from providing, to prescribe or facilitate the use of anything that might cause and abortion. The list includes hormonal contraceptives, keep going out.

Casey’s lawyers allege the company had previously respected her religious beliefs for several years before telling her they would no longer accept them in January, firing her soon after. CVS says 7News that by improving MinuteClinic services, they can no longer grant exemptions from essential job duties, including education and treatment of sexual health issues, including pregnancy prevention.

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