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Georgia lawmakers push to end shipment of abortion pills | News Ga Fl

ATLANTA — Telemedicine has become a widely used service during the pandemic, but Georgia lawmakers want to return to requiring a woman to be in person for abortion services. Georgia’s Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted 7 to 5 on Wednesday to approve the “Women’s Health and Safety Act,” which would prevent the sending […]

Tennessee abortion law would ban abortion pills in college, by mail

Tennessee lawmakers on Tuesday introduced a bill to ban the distribution of abortion drugs through the mail and on college campuses, the latest in a series of similar laws across the United States prompted by federal approval of the delivery and telehealth distribution of pills. The legislation, which was passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, […]

🌱 Ban on abortion pills + Body found on Interstate 85

Happy Saturday neighbours! Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening today. First, today’s weather forecast: Low clouds. High: 63 Low: 49. Here are today’s top 3 Montgomery stories: The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office recently reported that a body was found on Interstate 85 between Waugh and Shorter. Department of Transportation workers were the […]

GOP-controlled Arizona House set to ban abortion pills

By BOB CHRISTIE PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona House on Thursday gave initial approval to a measure that would ban the making or prescribing of drugs that would induce abortion, a bill that would eliminate the choice used by half of people who have abortions in the state. The proposal awaiting a final vote in […]

Abortion pills now account for more than half of abortions in the United States

More than half of recent abortions in the United States have been performed with abortion pills, according to preliminary data released Thursday, a sign that medical abortion has increasingly become the most accessible and preferred method of terminating a pregnancy. The report, published by the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that supports abortion rights, found […]

South Dakota Governor and Fellow Republicans Target Abortion Pills

PETER, SD — Governor Kristi Noem’s proposal to make South Dakota one of the toughest places in the country to get abortion pills won support from Republicans in the State House on Tuesday, even though a federal judge blocked a similar rule to enter into force therein. Every Republican on the South Dakota House Health […]

Haugaard’s ban on abortion pills goes to South Dakota house ground

Rep. Steven Haugaard, Gov. Kristi Noem’s main challenger, hopes to ban the use of drugs commonly used in medical abortions and impose penalties on potential law breakers. The measure narrowly passed the House Health and Human Services Committee Thursday morning with a 7-6 vote. law. An abortifacient chemical drug is defined in the text of […]

Female doctor arrested for illegally prescribing abortion pills at her unlicensed clinic

Pimpri-Chinchwad Police have booked a doctor for alleged illegal prescription and possession of abortion pills at his unlicensed clinic in Bhosari area. The police invoked against her the provision of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act 1971. An FIR was registered at Bhosari Police Station by Dr. Pavan Salve, Additional Medical Officer, Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal […]

Georgia bill banning abortion pills in the mail advances

ATLANTA — Republicans in Georgia introduced a bill Wednesday that would ban the delivery of abortion pills through the mail and require women to be examined by a doctor in person before the pills are distributed. The state Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted 7-5 in favor of the legislation after an expedited hearing […]

A new bill in Iowa would ban the mailing of abortion pills

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) — Iowa House Republicans on the Human Resources Committee have passed a bill banning the mailing of abortion pills. KCCI reports that the bill would require a person seeking an abortion-inducing drug to receive the drug in person at a health care facility. If passed, anyone who knowingly violates the bill […]

Bill banning mail delivery of abortion pills passes out of committee, heads to GA Senate – WSB-TV Channel 2

ATLANTA — Some Georgia lawmakers want to make it illegal to mail abortion pills or distribute them at state colleges and universities. They say it should only be prescribed after consulting a doctor. Critics say lawmakers shouldn’t tell doctors how to treat their patients. A Senate committee passed the bill Wednesday along party lines. The […]

Government urged to continue allowing women to take abortion pills at home

(Getty Images/iStockphoto) Women will be forced into illegal abortions if the government does not extend rules allowing abortion pills to be taken at home, doctors have warned. Healthcare providers at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care (FSRH) are concerned about plans to scrap rules […]

McNeill signs bill to ban mail-order abortifacient drugs | Local News

The freshman senator from Brunswick has joined a coalition in Georgia’s upper house of the General Assembly to sponsor a bill to ban mail-order abortion drugs in the state of Peach. Republican Senator Sheila McNeill is one of 25 female senators to sign Senate Bill 351, dubbed the Women’s Health and Safety Act. In addition […]

Georgia bill would ban abortion pills in the mail, require exams – WSB-TV Channel 2

ATLANTA (AP) — Republicans in Georgia have introduced a bill banning the delivery of abortion pills through the mail. This would require anyone wishing to use abortion pills to consult a doctor beforehand and then come back for the pills. Lawmakers also want to require women to undergo physical exams, including ultrasounds, and then sign […]

Georgia bill would ban abortion pills in the mail, require exams | News

ATLANTA (AP) — Republicans in Georgia have introduced a bill banning the delivery of abortion pills through the mail. This would require anyone wishing to use abortion pills to consult a doctor beforehand and then come back for the pills. Lawmakers also want to require women to undergo physical exams, including ultrasounds, and then sign […]

Georgia bill would ban abortion pills in the mail, require exams | national news

ATLANTA (AP) — Republicans in Georgia have introduced a bill banning the delivery of abortion pills through the mail. This would require anyone wishing to use abortion pills to consult a doctor beforehand and then come back for the pills. Lawmakers also want to require women to undergo physical exams, including ultrasounds, and then sign […]

Georgia bill would ban delivery of abortion pills on any school campus, by mail

A new bill proposed by Republican lawmakers in Georgia on Tuesday would make it harder for women to access abortion pills by banning the delivery of drugs to homes and banning colleges from dispensing the pills. Republican Senator Bruce Thompson has introduced new legislation challenging the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision to allow […]

Abortion Drugs Market 2022, Size, Share, Outlook and Opportunity Analysis, by 2028

Abortion is the termination of gestation, which can be performed using medication or an operation to eradicate the egg or nucleus with amnion from the uterus. In addition, abortion pills and cytotec are feticidal drugs that are a protective and effective method of interrupting pregnancy. In addition, the estrogen organ helps in the general development […]

Detroit activists launch guerrilla campaign for mail-order abortion pills on anniversary of “Roe v. Wade » | Art Stories and Interviews | Detroit

Courtesy picture With Roe vs. Wade at risk, posters in Detroit for shareabortionpill.info, a mail-order abortion website. Across the city, more than 100 posters were plastered on the walls with a bold message: “ABORTION PILLS FOREVER” as well as a website address, “shareabortionpill.info”, where people can order abortion pills by mail. . The guerrilla information […]

A women’s clinic in Santa Teresa will provide free abortion pills on Saturday

The Women’s Reproductive Clinic in Santa Teresa, New Mexico will provide free abortion pills on Saturday, January 22 to patients to mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade of the United States Supreme Court in 1973. Clinic owner Dr. Franz Theard said, “We want to help all women protect their reproductive rights. Residents of […]

Abortion pills arrive in Japan. The doctors back down.

Japan is set to legalize abortion pills, but leading doctors fear women are abusing them. Photo: Kyodo via AP Images For Aoyama, abortion was the only choice she thought she had, after her fiancé raped her and got her pregnant. As a victim of domestic violence, Aoyama knew she was not in the right mental […]

Savage Love: Here’s How To Stock Up On Abortion Pills So You Have Them On Hand For Friends And Family | Columns | Tampa

Hey, Everyone: Fuck Alito and fuck Thomas and fuck Roberts and fuck Kavanaugh and fuck Gorsuch and fuck Barrett. Fuck anyone who forces a woman to give birth against her will. But while SCOTUS may be able to overturn “Roe v. Wade” and allow Republican-controlled state legislatures to ban abortion in most of the United […]

Salesman rapes, forces woman to swallow abortion pills; reserved | Surah News

Surat: A sales representative from a bank’s credit card department was accused of repeatedly raping a 26-year-old interior designer and forcing her to swallow abortion pills after she fell pregnant. Pandesara Police booked Hemchandra Dayma (29), based on the complaint filed by the woman on Monday evening. Police said the defendant, despite being married with […]

How a Liberal Foundation Funded Abortion Pills in the Name of Population Control

(Free Washington Beacon) About a decade before his death in 1996, tech titan David Packard issued a controversial directive to his children. Skyrocketing birth rate, Hewlett-Packard co-founder wrote, could one day cause “total chaos for mankind”. As a result, Packard argued, his multibillion-dollar foundation must have one priority above all others: population control. Packard – […]

Abortion pills aren’t a magic bullet for everyone

Gomperts insisted that accessing help is also legal and that the organization provides instructions for people in abortion-unfriendly states and countries that do not allow medical abortion to be ordered through foreign pharmacies. But this carries a risk, even if it now seems small. “To date, no one has been prosecuted simply for ordering abortion […]

Mexican pro-choice activists plot to send abortion pills to Texas to undermine pro-life laws

As pro-life laws tighten in Texas, foreign pro-choice activists are working to circumvent restrictions, including smuggling abortion pills and ferrying women across international borders to get abortions. According to a New York Times article, Mexico-based abortion activist group Las Libres is making headlines for hatching a plan to introduce the banned abortion pill into the […]

Governor Noem’s Attempt to Limit Abortion Pills Stalled in Legislative Committee | Local

STEPHEN GROVES Associated Press Governor Kristi Noem is proposing new rules for medical abortions that would be among the most restrictive in the nation, but a legislative committee on Monday withheld its approval until it could get more information on the proposal. The rule proposed by the state Department of Health would add additional requirements […]

Rights groups accuse tech giants of limiting the content of abortion pills

As anti-choice lawmakers step up attacks on reproductive freedom across the United States, new reports on Monday sounded the alarm about Big Tech companies limiting access to scientifically accurate content from advocacy organizations. abortion while allowing the spread of misinformation. “When there are efforts or blockages that are imposed by these companies, it impacts our […]

UK firm seeks approval for first abortion pills in Japan

Newsfrom Japan Economy Politics Lifestyle December 22, 2021 Tokyo, 22 Dec. (Jiji Press)–The Japanese subsidiary of British pharmaceutical company Linepharma International Ltd. on Wednesday asked the Japanese Ministry of Health for approval of its abortion pills. Abortion pills are used in more than 80 countries, according to a US non-profit organization, and the World Health […]

Amy Schumer slammed for praising delivery of abortion pills by mail: ‘Serious help needed’

Stand-up comedian Amy Schumer has faced anger from internet users after celebrating the easy accessibility of abortion pills and saying it was like liposuction. The 40-year-old’s comment follows the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) announcement on Thursday, December 16, to mail the pills to the person in need without personally identifying themselves. The decision was […]

FDA Permanently Allows Mailing Abortion Pills (Video)

Homepage ” Politics ” FDA Permanently Allows Mailing Abortion Pills (Video) Posted By: XYZ Social News December 17, 2021 The Food and Drug Administration will permanently allow abortion pills to be mailed as the Supreme Court is set to issue a ruling that could overturn Roe v. Wade. CBS News legal contributor Jessica Levinson joins […]

Best for women? Biden’s FDA eliminates safeguards against dangerous abortive drugs

The Biden administration has permanently reversed a long-standing federal safety protocol requiring that abortion-safe chemical drugs be administered in person. The FDA’s REMS (Risk Evaluation Management Strategy) has been in place for the abortion pill since its release in 2000 and requires that abortion drugs be prescribed only by a certified healthcare provider and dispensed […]

FDA will now permanently allow abortion pills in the mail

Photographer: Matthew Kelly On December 16, the FDA decided to permanently waive the requirement that mifepristone, the first drug in a two-drug regimen taken for medical abortion, must be administered in person by a healthcare professional. Now people can receive abortion pills in the mail. It comes after the agency said in April that it […]

FDA will allow abortion pills to be permanently available by mail

The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday it would permanently remove a key restriction on drugs used to terminate pregnancies, allowing so-called “abortion pills” to be available by mail and prescribed through telehealth medical consultations. The FDA had temporarily allowed the drug to be available in such methods after a federal judge ordered it due […]

FDA will permanently allow abortion pills in the mail

For example, a research program that the FDA has authorized to provide telemedicine consultations and send pills by mail reported that 95% of 1,157 abortions that occurred under the program between May 2016 and September 2020 were completed safely. require a follow-up procedure. Patients made 70 visits to the emergency room or urgent care centers, […]

Texas and other states crack down on abortion pills

Data: Guttmacher and Axios research; Map: Jacques Schrag/Axios As the U.S. Supreme Court signals the potential end of Roe v. Wade, abortion rights activists are advertising abortion pills as a potential option in places where clinics might have to close — but Texas and other red states are already cracking down on them. Driving the […]

Red states crack down on abortion pills

As the U.S. Supreme Court signals the potential end of Roe v. Wade, abortion rights activists are advertising abortion pills as a potential option in places where clinics might have to close — but several red states are already cracking down on the pills. The big picture: Nearly half of US states have banned or […]

Psst: You can buy abortion pills online | wild love | Detroit

Click to enlarge Joe Newton Abortion pills are safe and effective and can be purchased online for around $100. For more information, see shareabortionpill.info. I’m a fan of Italy, so please excuse my English. I’ve been in a straight relationship with my boyfriend for seven years, we’re both around 30, and we love each other […]

Prescribing abortion pills online or mailing them to Texas can now land you in jail – Houston Public Media

Caroline McDonald, left, a student at Georgetown University, Lauren Morrissey, with Catholics for Choice, and Pamela Huber, of Washington, join an abortion rights rally outside the Supreme Court on Monday, November 1 2021, as arguments are set to begin over abortion in court, on Capitol Hill in Washington. Texas already has the most restrictive abortion […]

Prescribing Abortion Drugs Via Telemedicine Could Now Land You In Texas Jail: Gunshots

Protesters rally against laws restricting abortion access at the Texas State Capitol on October 2, 2021 in Austin, Texas. The Women’s March and other groups have held marches across the country to protest a new abortion law in Texas. Montinique Monroe/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Montinique Monroe/Getty Images Protesters rally against laws restricting abortion […]

British firm to seek approval for first abortion pills in Japan

The Japanese subsidiary of the British pharmaceutical company Linepharma International Ltd. is expected to apply to the Ministry of Health this month for approval of its abortion pills. Abortion pills have not been approved for use in Japan, although they are used in many countries. The pills, which should be approved in about a year […]

Stryper’s Michael Sweet denounces ‘evil’ women taking ‘abortion pills’ ‘shamelessly and proudly’ in video

Michael Doux openly Christian rockers STRYPER lambasted protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court who were filmed taking abortion pills ahead of arguments in the nation’s highest court over Mississippi’s abortion law challenging Roe against Wade. At least four women were captured on video Wednesday (December 1) popping pills and chanting ‘abortion pills forever’ while smiling […]

Bleeding hemorrhage: how widespread use of abortion pills is becoming a health hazard in Kashmir

Srinagar: Panic gripped Rehana (name changed) when she conceived for the third time. The over 40-year-old took an abortion pill and landed in hospital with abnormal vaginal bleeding. “She came to us with the complaint of extended periods. We asked her to take a Gravindex test, which is an agglutination inhibition test performed on a […]

‘Time to raise hell’: Activists today cry out against abortion pills

This abortion pill mural in Los Angeles is one of the installations taking place across the country for abortion rights. Mural and photo by No Touching Ground in Los Angeles For more coverage of Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health, check out our special report. In 2014, Amelia Bonow had an abortion. A year later, when […]

Pro-Life group pleads with lawmakers to stop Biden from facilitating abortion

A leading pro-life group is calling on lawmakers to stop President Joe Biden’s administration from stealthily easing Food and Drug Administration regulations on abortion pills. In a letter first obtained by The Daily Signal, Students for Life Action president Kristan Hawkins wrote that “an abortion crisis is building in America thanks to a sweeping policy […]

Pandemic and Texas law fuel interest in abortion drugs

TOPEKA, Kan. – The covid-19 pandemic and the near ban on abortion in Texas have increased interest in obtaining abortion drugs by mail, but the legality of doing so is questioned in several states. The case takes on new urgency with the Supreme Court set to hear arguments next month in Mississippi’s bid to erode […]

More people are turning to abortion pills by mail, with uncertain legality

TOPEKA, Kan. — Before her daughter was born, she spent weeks in bed. Another difficult pregnancy would be worse as she tried to care for her toddler. Faced with this possibility, the 28-year-old Texas woman did what a growing number of people considered: she had a friend in another state who sent her the pills […]

Serious Risks of Abortion Pills – Tony Mifsud

Last February, Malta weather reported: “A local service offering abortion and reproductive health counseling has received just over 200 requests for help in the first six months since its launch amid the pandemic. The family planning counseling service went live in August (2020) in response to what co-founder Dr Isabel Stabile said was “a massive […]

Abortion pills available in Texas amid ongoing legal battle

Texas Senate Bill 4 makes it a crime to send abortion pills to patients. Taking preventative measures, this Austin mother ordered three packs of abortion pills. PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — In the face of continued legislative efforts to ban abortions, women are now seeking abortion drugs on the Internet. Just days after Senate Bill 8, also […]

European doctor plans to continue supplying women in Texas with abortion pills

Based in Austria, Dr. Gomperts created Aid Access – an organization that helps women obtain abortion pills. HOUSTON — The Supreme Court has agreed to fast-track challenges to Texas’ new abortion law. The judges will hear arguments on November 1, but for now the law remains in place. This is again anti-abortion versus pro-choice. Women […]

Reviews | What if you had abortion pills in your medicine cabinet?

Access to mifepristone, one of the drugs taken for medical abortion, has been politically difficult since the drug was approved over 20 years ago. Mifepristone is regulated by what’s called a Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy, or REMS – a designation typically reserved for drugs that pose a high risk to patient safety. As such, […]

Tribal Girl Repeatedly Raped, Forced Abortion Pills By Defendant in Rajasthan’s Jhalawar | Latest India News

While the girl’s family claimed she was over 18, police are trying to determine her exact age and sections of the POCSO Act could be incorporated into the case as a result. ThroughTap Trust of IndiaKota A teenage girl from a tribal community was allegedly repeatedly raped for more than a year by her neighbor […]

EU doctor says she will continue to prescribe abortion pills to women in Texas

A European doctor said she plans to continue prescribing abortion pills to Texas women through virtual medical appointments despite the state’s new law that bars women from having abortions after six weeks. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, a doctor from the Netherlands, told CBS News she doesn’t care about the six weeks. “This is another law that […]

Increase in 999 calls for women taking home abortion pills

Ambulance services have reported an increase in emergency calls for women who have taken homemade abortion pills, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed. The Mail on Sunday found that one – South Western Ambulance Service – had seen its dispatches for women taking the pills triple since April last year. Under emergency coronavirus […]

AOC reminds women that abortion pills are sold online and denounces ‘forced birth laws’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hitting back at the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Texas’ controversial new abortion law, reminding those in need that pregnancy termination medications can be purchased online. Following the landmark 5-4 Supreme Court decision upholding Senate Bill (SB) 8 banning all abortions in Texas once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, the […]

Satanic temple seeks access to abortion drugs

The abortion drug Mifepristone, also known as RU486, is pictured at an abortion clinic February 17, 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand. Citing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a group of Satanists are calling on the Food and Drug Administration for access to “abortion pills without having to go through regulatory steps,” the group announced on […]

Man in court for allegedly selling prescription abortion pills in east London

A man has been arrested for selling abortion pills. Johan Turyamureba, 25, appeared in London Magistrates’ Court this week for allegedly selling abortion pills to the public. Cytotec tablets are only processed, sold and distributed by licensed physicians or pharmacists, in the category of Schedule 4 of the Medicines and Related Substances Act. He was […]

House Democrats push FDA to lift abortifacient drug protocols

Through Ryan FoleyChristian Post reporter | Tuesday, August 24, 2021 A bottle and two pills of mifepristone, formerly known as RU-486, are seen in a handout photo. | Reuters/Newscom Pro-abortion lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives are calling on the Food and Drug Administration to permanently eliminate safety protocols for dispensing drugs that cause […]

Rampant illegal sale of abortion pills across Maharashtra | Bombay News

Last month, a 43-year-old woman dressed in a sari from Wagholi, Pune, stood in a local medical shop waiting for the queue to thin out. When it did, she asked a store clerk for an abortion pill, adding that she needed it urgently. At first, the employee refused his request, but on his insistence, he […]

Illegal abortion pills (still) allowed to be advertised, despite the risk

It’s an ongoing saga. Again, we see Facebook allowing abortion providers to advertise and post information about getting abortion pills online while removing ads and locking down accounts of pro-life users. Shady abortion pill suppliers have many pages for women around the world on Facebook. There are groups to talk about home abortion remedies where […]

Increasing Gender Equity Through Abortion Pills on Campus

For many students, access to abortion-related health care is essential to furthering their education, but unnecessary barriers place a heavy burden on students seeking such care. Legislation recently introduced by Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, D-Northampton, and Sen. Jason Lewis, D-Winchester, would reduce those barriers. H2399/S1470 would ensure safe, equitable, and affordable access to abortion pills in […]

Access to abortion pills via telehealth varies by state

Telehealth is becoming more and more important in our lives. These visits are also used for abortions, but the rules vary from state to state, and even at the federal level. “In March of last year in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, I found out I was pregnant in the state of Ohio,” […]

New group to start mailing abortion pills to women’s homes

(NRLC) Well, it didn’t take long and, of course, it wasn’t a coincidence. Monday, Janet Woodcock, MDActing Director of the Biden Administration of the United States Food & Drug Administration, announced that the FDA was suspending regulations requiring abortion pills to be dispensed in person by certified health care providers from hospitals, clinics and authorized […]

FDA to allow abortion pills in the mail during pandemic

The Biden administration has decided to allow women to receive abortion pills by mail for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, the latest development in an issue that is increasingly coming to the fore in the American debate over abortion. In one letter Sent Monday to two leading organizations representing reproductive health physicians, the acting […]

USFDA allows abortion pills to be mailed amid Covid-19 pandemic

The Biden administration has decided to allow women to receive abortion pills by mail for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, the latest development in an issue that is increasingly coming to the fore in the American debate over abortion. In a letter sent Monday to two leading organizations representing reproductive health physicians, the acting […]

Removing home-use abortion pills will leave more women in crisis

Jhe English and Welsh governments are consulting the public on whether to revoke the temporary rules that allow women to end early pregnancies at home with the use of two pills. The rules were introduced to reduce the need for face-to-face meetings as Covid-19 swept through the population. It is essential that women continue to […]

Abortion pill ruling slashes access in New Mexico, nation | Local News

As New Mexico lawmakers debate scrapping an outdated law that criminalizes abortion, national abortion rights advocates are scrambling to regain lost ground in the fight to return the so-called pills abortions no longer available. At issue is access to the combination of two drugs – mifepristone and misoprostol – that women can self-administer to end […]

Supreme Court joins Trump in restricting abortion pills

WASHINGTON- A divided Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed an appeal by Trump administration lawyers and reinstated a controversial abortion rule that requires women who want drugs to end an early pregnancy to go to a hospital or clinic to pick up the pills, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The justices, by a 6-3 vote, overturned a […]

Pharmacies do not stock enough medication for medical abortion; low availability puts women’s lives at risk

Medical abortion pills are disappearing from the pharmacy shelves of several retail pharmacies across the country despite the government’s approval of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill in March. The government allowed several changes in the MTP (Amendment Bill), 2020 and also extended the upper limit for allowing abortion from 20 weeks to 24 […]

Women threatened by Covid need better medicine, not unsafe abortion drugs

New search estimates that there could be 56,700 additional maternal deaths in low- and middle-income countries due to disruption of healthcare due to COVID-19. In response to this tragic projection, abortion activist groups are pursuing expanded “medical abortion”, the termination of pregnancy usually by means of a combination of two drugs and often via “telemedicine”. […]

Here’s Why You Still Can’t Access Abortion Pills by Mail in Louisiana, Despite the Pandemic

This week, a federal judge in Maryland ruled that people can now access abortion pills through the mail during the pandemic, rather than having to visit a doctor, clinic or hospital. But the ruling won’t change anything for Louisiana women and abortion patients. This is because Louisiana has its own law requiring abortion patients to […]

Coronavirus fuels efforts to increase access to abortion pills

The pandemic is helping abortion rights advocates in the United States achieve a long-standing goal: making it easier for women to use the pill to end a pregnancy for up to 10 weeks. Federal and state regulations have restricted access to “medical abortion” since the Food and Drug Administration approved it two decades ago. Nonetheless, […]

Police are investigating the death of an unborn baby after a woman took abortion drugs at home at 28 weeks pregnant

Police are investigating the death of an unborn baby after a woman took ‘pills in the mail’ abortion medication when she was 28 weeks pregnant – four times the legal limit exceeded Abortion laws have been relaxed due to coronavirus so women can take both pills at home Women can use these pills at home […]

A woman dies after taking abortion pills; 6 reserved

Husband, in-laws and doctor among those reserved. Kashimira Police, Mira Road, have booked six people following the death of a pregnant woman caused by the consumption of abortion pills. The 32-year-old was about six weeks pregnant; reserved people include her husband, a real estate agent, her in-laws, their family doctor and a medical representative. Police […]

Abortion pills are safe and could alleviate growing access crisis for women

Abortion access faces a monumental crisis, as states across the nation continue to advance and pass restrictive abortion laws, the Trump administration enacts reproductive health policies that ignore science and the Supreme Court is about to decide a major case on the regulation of abortion. year. Amid this treacherous landscape, two key factors will help […]

Citing widespread misuse, government bans open retail of abortion drugs

New Delhi: It will no longer be easy to buy the popular abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol at your local pharmacy, as the government has decided to ban the retail sale of these drugs. Citing widespread misuse as specified in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 2002 and MTP Rules 2003″. However, at its recent […]

Abortive drugs sold online against periods: Pharmacists | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: The Maharashtra Registered Pharmacists Association (MRPA) has claimed that many online shopping portals are openly selling scheduled drugs used for termination of pregnancy without prescription. To prove it, MRPA members across the state ordered the pregnancy termination kits from a famous shopping website. Members from Mumbai and Pune received their orders in the last […]

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