Sounding the Alarm on the Administration’s Recent Action on Abortion Pills

Last week, Joe Biden’s Food & Drug Administration (FDA) severely weakened long-standing federal regulations on the safety of chemical abortifacient drugs. Additionally, the Senate last week held a rushed hearing to consider Robert M. Califf, former Food and Drug Administration commissioner under Barack Obama, for the same position under Joe Biden. During his previous tenure, Califf showed Of reckless contempt for women’s health and safety when he removed those safeguards and opened the door for future administrations to do the same — and make those changes permanent. This administration and its pro-abortion allies are pushing back before our eyes the next dark frontier of abortion: do-it-yourself abortions by mail, without medical supervision in person. Yes, you read that right.

As pro-life women leaders, one of us the only female pharmacist sitting in Congress, the other a longtime advocate for the protection of mothers and their children, we are gravely concerned by this threat. imminent for public health. Pro-abortion Democrats want a virtual Wild West where every post office and pharmacy operates as an abortion center, with access to life-threatening drugs at the click of a button.

These drugs are lucrative for abortion companies, which have seen their physical facilities shrink due to the success of pro-life campaigns. Shamefully, the abortion industry cares more about increasing its abortion quota and making a profit than the safety and well-being of vulnerable women and girls. They play down the risks, telling patients that chemical abortion drugs are “safer than Tylenol” – but they are far from the safe, easy and nearly painless solution to pregnancy that the industry would have women believe. Complications can include severe pain, heavy bleeding, infection, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and even death.

A look at research reveals the truth. A comprehensive longitudinal study study that has just come out, which analyzed more than 400,000 abortion outcomes over a 17-year period, found that the rate of abortion-related emergency room visits within 30 days of a chemical abortion increased by 500% from 2002 to 2015. That’s a much bigger increase than that in the rate of emergency room visits related to surgical abortion.

As Supreme Court considers whether states can protect unborn babies before viability in the Dobbs In this case, the Biden administration clearly sees the expansion of mail-order abortion drugs as its next step in undermining democratically enacted pro-life laws. We hope that the Court will return this question to the people and their representatives.

Fortunately, lawmakers across the country are fighting back against this major threat. In 2021, seven states have enacted laws to end unsafe chemical abortions. Some of these states have even started a program that requires these pills to be certified and followed by state pharmacy boards, regardless of the FDA’s permissive stance. This allows pharmacists to ensure that patients receive accurate information and the highest standard of care, instead of dodgy pills and “doctors” who may dispense these drugs from another state or country. At least eight more states are ready to take action next year.

Congress can also act to protect women and children. I (Rep. Harshbarger) am proud to co-sponsor the Second Chance at Life Act to inform women that it may be possible to reverse the effects of a chemical abortion if the woman changes her mind. We also support legislation, introduced by Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) and Rep. Bob Latta (R-Ohio), that would block mail-order abortifacient drugs and prevent the FDA from approving new drugs. abortifacients or weaken existing drugs. standards.

Around the world, life advocates must sound the alarm about chemical abortion and the Democrats’ extreme Biden abortion-on-demand agenda with no limits. We refuse to ignore the facts and let women’s health and safety become a political victim, as thousands of women and girls undergo unsafe abortions alone in bathrooms and dormitories with no one intervening. While the Biden administration may refuse to protect women in the name of profiting from the abortion industry, we rise to the challenge of providing the love, support, encouragement and truth they need to choose the life.

Diana Harshbarger is a representative for Tennessee’s 1st District. She is currently the only female pharmacist sitting in Congress. Marjorie Dannenfelser is president of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List.

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