Shopkeeper jailed for supplying illegal abortion pills

Satbal Singh, 41, from Hounslow, was jailed for two and a half years for supplying illegal abortion pills.

He acted as the ‘British arm’ of a Mumbai-based website, storing packets of pills at his house to send to customers.

Isleworth Crown Court heard from a Gloucestershire couple buying a set of pills online in September 2018.

They bought the pills after an abortion clinic told them it was too late to terminate their pregnancy.

Police were alerted after hospital staff became concerned after the mother failed to show up at the hospital for the delivery.

Officers attended her home and the couple said their baby had been lost.

The home was searched and misoprostol and mifepristone tablets were found.

Police were able to link the postage envelope to Singh who had paid Royal Mail’s £2.11 postage.

Rosalind Earis, prosecuting, said police had not found the baby, while the couple gave conflicting accounts of the premature birth.

The couple remain under investigation.

Police searched Singh’s home and found more illegal abortion pills. Evidence of contact with the Mumbai website operator and purses to send the drugs were also found.

Singh was arrested on February 9, 2021.

He initially denied any wrongdoing, but later pleaded guilty to one count of supplying poison to be used with the intent of having an abortion.

Judge Karen Holt said:

“Tragically, the baby is the real victim in this case.

“There is no evidence presented in court that the baby is now alive.

“You admitted to sending these pills to unknown persons, under unknown circumstances, knowing that these pills would be used to induce an unlawful miscarriage.

“You must clearly have intended that the pills would be taken outside of proper medical care, by someone who might themselves be vulnerable.”

On May 5, 2021, Singh was jailed for two and a half years.

The website selling the illegal abortion pills is still working.

Louise Pinder of CPS said: “Satbal Singh was part of an illegal business enterprise providing illegal miscarriages to women.

“He was looking to make a financial profit out of these desperate situations.

“Although he acted as an intermediary, his actions were reckless and could have had serious health consequences.”

“When Singh was arrested and questioned, he denied posting any pills and said he was simply involved in selling children’s shoes, jewelery and toys on eBay and Facebook.

“He added that the pills found at his home may have been left there by a friend.

“However, in the face of overwhelming prosecution evidence against him, Singh pleaded guilty.

“Providing medication outside of a health facility without proper medical supervision is illegal and dangerous.

“The CPS will prosecute anyone who breaks the law in this way where there is evidence to do so.”

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