Senator Geist introduces bill to end abortion procedure

It’s only been a few days since the Nebraska Legislature resumed session and they’re already causing a buzz with controversial proposals.

Earlier this week, Senator Suzanne Geist of Lincoln introduced LB 814 which seeks to ban dilation and evacuation abortions. The procedure also known as an in-clinic abortion is just one of the options women have to terminate their pregnancy. Before ten weeks, some clinics also offer a medical abortion.

Anti-abortion activists see the bill ending one of their options as a step in the right direction. A similar bill was introduced in 2016 but did not pass, but they are now hoping for a different outcome this year.

“Nobody wants to kill a baby,” Connie Consbruck of South Central Right to Life told Local4 News. “Everyone, a human person, knows that a child in the womb is a baby, a person and someone to be cherished and respected.”

Those against the bill have also spoken out, saying they don’t support anyone who denies a woman her right to make a decision about her own health.

“It’s really important to know that the decision about the most appropriate method of ending a pregnancy should be up to a woman and her doctor, not politicians,” said Scout Richters of the ACLU Nebraska.

The introduction of the bill to the legislature yesterday was only the first step in the process. Now people on both sides of the debates are encouraging their fellow Nebraskas to contact their representatives and let them know how you would like them to vote.

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