Pro-Life group pleads with lawmakers to stop Biden from facilitating abortion

A leading pro-life group is calling on lawmakers to stop President Joe Biden’s administration from stealthily easing Food and Drug Administration regulations on abortion pills.

In a letter first obtained by The Daily Signal, Students for Life Action president Kristan Hawkins wrote that “an abortion crisis is building in America thanks to a sweeping policy shift underway that will create a reckless death by mail, online, chemical abortion pill market.

“You have a chance of getting ahead of this extreme change in abortion policy that will rival the societal change that followed Roe v. Wade,” the letter reads.

As activists on both sides of the aisle focus on an upcoming Supreme Court case challenging Roe. v. Wade, Hawkins wrote, “a change is quietly underway” at the Food and Drug Administration that she says is just as sweeping and far-reaching as Roe.

“The FDA is considering getting rid of health and safety standards for chemical abortion pills used to terminate prenatal life currently up to 11 weeks of pregnancy,” Hawkins said. “It’s a radical change when you know that more than 92% of abortions take place before 13 weeks of pregnancy, according to the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].”

The Biden Administration announcement in April that it would lift previous FDA regulations on the risk assessment and mitigation strategy on abortion drugs, allowing abortion pills to be delivered by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Students for Life Action president called on lawmakers to co-sponsor Virginia Rep. Bob Good Teleabortion Prevention Act, 2021 and to hold the Biden administration accountable for risks to women’s health.

Under the Republican congressman’s legislation, it would be a federal offense for a physician to perform a chemical abortion if he does not first perform a physical examination, is not present during the abortion, and does not schedule not a follow-up visit.

Hawkins said the legislation would prevent “lethal distribution of abortion pills online”, protect women’s health and lives, and ensure women are not coerced or abused.

“As the pro-life generation wants to abolish abortion, there are many reasons to oppose the distribution of chemical abortion pills,” she wrote. “Even for those who say they support abortion, that’s no argument for these pills being used recklessly. These pills kill. They end prenatal life and can end a mother’s life as well.

“In light of expectations that the FDA will reject health and safety standards that keep women alive, it is vital to act now to stop the Biden administration from eliminating the [risk evaluation and mitigation strategy]“, continued Hawkins. “No medical reason exists to weaken the protections of women, who will be exposed to the mortal risks of drugs and potential addicts. The pro-life path – stopping the online sale of these drugs – protects both women and unborn children.

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