Canberra doctors will soon be able to prescribe abortion drugs | Canberra time

news, political act GPs in Canberra will soon be able to prescribe drugs like the MS-2 Step, closing a loophole in the ACT law that required women to cross the border to access abortion pills. The laws – designed to make abortions cheaper and more accessible for women – originated in a private member’s bill […]

What to read about Roe v. Wade: 11 Essential Abortion Stories

Photo: Angela Cappetta/Getty Images Just as no two women are the same, every woman experiences abortion differently. While at The Cut we are constantly on the lookout for information on the current state of reproductive rights in our country, we have also dedicated a number of stories to the diverse personal experiences of women and […]

Me, my mum and our abortion stories: why Ireland needs to vote yes

“Ireland Unfree” is a Dazed miniseries telling the stories of Ireland’s daring fight for abortion rights, in the run-up to the monumental Eighth Amendment referendum. Stirring protest, creativity, personal politics and vital conversation, these Irish are pushing for self-reliance. Here we share their journey on Dazed. With statistics suggesting that one in three women in […]

Activists tell their abortion stories to get justice for Jane

Learn more about Kush here. Emily O’Brien24, graduate student, activist and writer “I had my abortion when I was 19 in a small town in rural Indiana, and it was incredibly difficult to do it in such a conservative place,” Emily says. “Indiana is a conservative state, and I had my abortion right after [former […]

How Women’s Abortion Stories Break the Stigma Around the Procedure

Daniela Diaz has never felt shame or guilt about having an abortion; she knew it was not the right time for her to be a mother. But Diaz has never seen women like her — she’s a Latina from Venezuela — talk about their abortions. “It’s something we don’t talk about enough,” the Washington, DC […]

Why we need to tell our abortion stories

By Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News Deb Hauser was married with a 6-month-old child when her husband “went to work one day and didn’t come home.” Two weeks later, she realized she was pregnant. “I work full time. I have this 6-month-old child, and all of a sudden I’m pregnant,” she recalls. “I had no […]

“Abortion: The Stories Women Tell” Puts a Human Face on a Controversial Political Issue

Few topics are as controversial as abortion. However, despite all the headlines the issue makes, it’s still a topic that largely lacks a human narrative. HBO’s latest documentary changes that. By documenting life at the only remaining abortion clinic in Missouri, Abortion: Stories told by women puts a human face on both sides of a […]

The stories women tell show what comes next for many different women

Despite being more common than some people think, abortion is still a taboo subject to talk about – and that’s exactly why women who have appeared on HBO shows Abortion: Women’s Stories To say have chosen to express themselves on the termination of their pregnancy. Set in Missouri, a state where abortion laws are so […]

Abortion: Stories told by women are an honest look at the impact of abortion laws on all women

When Amie, a 30-year-old single mother from Boonville, Missouri, realized she was pregnant, she knew she had only one option. As a restaurant waitress who worked over 70 hours during the weeks her children were with their father, she found she couldn’t support a third child on her 3.67 income. $ an hour (plus tips) […]

The Stories Women Tell Is The Documentary America Needs Right Now

The opening scene of Tracy Droz’s moving documentary Tragos Abortion: Stories told by womenshows the Missouri State Capitol filled with the chant: “All in Christ, for pro-life.” In 2014, supporters of a proposed extension of the state-mandated waiting period for an abortion — as well as those protesting against it — crowded into the Capitol […]

People shared their abortion stories at the 1 in 3 campaign’s Speak Out event

There are many debates surrounding abortion. And with more and more states passing laws that make abortion harder and harder to obtain, it seems this debate has intensified on both sides. From pro-life rallies to pro-choice protests, abortion looms large in the public space. But at its core, abortion is a personal matter. It’s a […]

Women share abortion stories on Capitol Hill ahead of health care vote

Dozens of women planned to speak about their abortion experiences on the steps of the United States Capitol on Tuesday as the Republican threat to defund Planned Parenthood looms. This abortion storytelling is designed to “break the stigma around abortion care,” according to the 1 in 3 Campaign, which is part of Advocates for Youth, […]

S’pore Redditor Shares Story of Her Abortion Procedure and Terrible Counseling Tips – Mothership.SG

We know there are a lot of strong feelings on the issue of abortion. Both camps, pro-life and pro-choice, are passionate about their cause. But more than sitting steadfastly behind fences and covering your ears, it might do some good to listen to the other side and try to see where it’s coming from. In […]

I traveled 491 miles to receive the abortion procedure I needed

Tweedall ended up terminating her pregnancy five days into the New Year on January 5, 2016. “It was the hardest thing of my entire life,” she says. Tweedall says after she returned to Tennessee, people kept trying to reassure her that what she had done “wasn’t an abortion.” “But I kept saying, ‘No, it is,’” […]

Reviews | The real science of abortion drugs

Since 2000, more than one million American women were able to terminate pregnancies safely using drugs instead of surgery. Over the years, doctors have found ways to make these types of abortions even safer and more convenient, but anti-choice politicians in many states have imposed restrictions that make the process more onerous and could even […]

Reviews | ‘Abortion: Stories told by women’ brings kindness to an often ugly debate

The smartest thing Tragos does is refuse to stack the deck by portraying abortion opponents as hateful or deceived. As she captures protests and preaching outside the Hope Clinic, where a number of her subjects go for abortions, Tragos interviews a young activist, Reagan, regional coordinator of Students for Life, who describes harassment outside clinics […]

Review: Beyond politics in “Abortion: Stories told by women”

In Tracy Droz Tragos’ documentary “Abortion: Stories from Women,” the stories flow with the tears of women who have had abortions as well as those fighting to make them illegal. But most striking are the patients at the clinic who felt deprived of someone to confide in during their pregnancy and who want to reassure […]

“Abortion: Stories Women Tell” – Thoughtfully and Painfully [MOVIE REVIEW]

Friend. Photo courtesy of HBO Produced by HBO, one of the flagships of documentary filmmaking, “Abortion: Stories Women Tell” is thoughtfully and incisively directed by Tracy Droz Tragos. “Abortion: Stories Told by Women” highlights the impact of the lack of medical availability on women in Missouri, her home state and one of four states in […]

‘Abortion: Stories Women Tell’ reviews HBO documentary

CNN — “Abortion: Stories from Women” is HBO’s latest advocacy-focused documentary chronicling the impact of Missouri’s abortion restrictions on people forced to cross the border into Illinois to seek procedures. Spared and sober, it’s a solid look at how the issue remains raw, although given how entrenched opinions are, it’s unlikely to change many hearts […]

The real abortion stories of these Texas women show why the SCOTUS decision is so important

Bartender Kathryn Holburn posted a first-person account of her struggle to get an abortion in Texas on Sunday. Thanks to the state’s anti-choice HB 2 law of 2013, Holburn wrote, abortion clinics across the state had closed, forcing Holborn to travel 600 miles to get to a clinic. In the end, she paid $800 for […]

Rebecca Gomperts: Meet the woman who travels the world delivering abortion drugs by drone | The Independent

Each year, 47,000 women worldwide die from unsafe abortion. To put this into context, every nine minutes a woman dies from an abortion which is not without danger. While abortion is perhaps one of the safest medical procedures in the world in countries where it is legal, it is extremely risky in countries where it […]

Canberra women traveling to Queanbeyan to access medical abortion medication by post

The Tabbot Foundation assesses women over the phone and arranges for an ultrasound before sending abortive drugs, painkillers and antibiotics to the woman, offering on-call and aftercare, for $250. In the ACT, the only licensed clinic for medical and surgical abortions is Dr. Marie in Civic. The clinic did not respond to inquiries about the […]

Women reflect on their abortions with mixed emotions in this exclusive ‘Abortion: Stories told by women’ clip

Too often, legislative decisions surrounding access to abortion are made by men, that is, people whose bodies are not affected by the laws in question. Documentary filmmaker Tracy Droz Tragos (like many others) directed correct how problematic it was, so she decided to make a movie out of it. With Abortion: Stories told by womenTragos […]

Tribeca Review – The Hollywood Reporter

Tracy Dr Oz tragos works to go beyond the us-versus-them simplicity in Abortion: Stories told by women, focusing on personal narrative rather than politics in a humanistic look at an issue that promises to remain divisive for the foreseeable future. Ongoing legal battles over abortion access make the image’s geographic focus timely: Here in Missouri, […]

What was lost, what was gained: Women share abortion stories with Supreme Court

Kate Banfield and Tammy Romo-Alcala have never met. But more than 25 years ago, the two women found themselves in the same position: freshmen at university, pregnant and afraid of derailing everything they had worked for. The two women, one day each remembers vividly, walked into an abortion clinic in Dallas. It’s what happened when […]

Woman who reported roommate for buying abortion drugs defends her actions

A woman who reported her housemate to police in Northern Ireland for buying drugs online to induce an abortion has defended her actions. The woman who used the drugs was prosecuted under northern abortion laws earlier this week and was given a three-month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months. The defendant, who cannot be named […]

Arizona governor signs bills challenging new FDA regulations on abortion drugs

Phoenix report — Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed three bills targeting abortion providers, including one requiring them to follow outdated federal guidelines for the most common abortion drug and prescribe it in much higher doses than necessary. The law boldly challenges new FDA rules implemented this week on abortive drugs. The signing of the bill, […]

Vox Sentences: Two abortion stories – one that matters and one that involves Trump

Women seeking abortions are getting good news from the FDA and bad (? Who knows?) from Donald Trump. Vox Sentences is written by Dylan Matthews and Dara Lind. TOP NEWS FDA expands access to abortion Phil Walter/Getty Images The Food and Drug Administration is updating its labeling guidelines for the use of mifepristone, the most […]

Brazil seizes abortion drugs sent to women living in fear of Zika

Reporting by SAO PAULO, Brazil — Messages from pregnant women in Brazil resonate with despair. “I think I’m doing the worst,” wrote one woman when her order for abortion medication didn’t arrive. “I really need help. I can’t eat anymore and I cry all the time. The messages were sent to an international advocacy group […]

Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholds State Abortion Drug Limitation Law

(Reuters) – Oklahoma’s Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a law aimed at limiting the use of abortion drugs, overturning a lower court ruling that the measure was unconstitutional because it did not apply to people other medications. Tuesday’s ruling said the measure did not violate state constitutional provisions aimed at maintaining uniformity of laws across […]

Without the morning after pill, women take abortion drugs | India News

After the near disappearance of morning-after pills from pharmacies in Tamil Nadu 10 years ago, women took abortion pills without medical examination, leading to an increase in unhealthy and potentially fatal abortions. “We are seeing cases of septic abortions which make blood transfusion and surgery essential,” said Dr. Nazira Satique, obstetrician-gynecologist, assistant professor at Sri […]

‘I had a sense of relief’: live streaming of our abortion stories

What a Christian minister, a Latina artist, a mother of three and the co-creator of The daily show all have in common? Like nearly 3 in 10 American women, they all had an abortion at age 45. For six hours yesterday, dozens of women shared their personal abortion experiences on a livestream organized by the […]

TV Shows Misrepresent American Women Who Terminate Pregnancies

Abortion storylines on TV shows have evolved from subtle mentions like “did she have one?” to portray main characters having complete abortions. Now, while abortion is less taboo on TV these days, the way it portrays these fictional women, as well as their reasons for having one, is inaccurate. According to a recent study published […]

Protest drone will fly abortion drugs across Polish border

From the near-mythical taco-copter that never existed to Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery system, the idea of ​​transporting goods to people by stealing a robot remains compelling, despite few practical applications. For every serious attempt, there are also plenty of gimmick drones, which use the technology more as a means of grabbing headlines than anything […]

Battle brews against Dutch drones set to drop abortive drugs in Poland

Joanna Michnicka/Federation for Women and Planned Parenthood The Dutch activist group women on the waves (WOW) plans use drones to administer abortive drugs to women in Poland, where abortion is almost completely prohibited. The “abortion drones” are set to launch from Frankfurt, Germany, this Saturday and transport the drugs to Slubice, Poland, where groups of […]

Meet the woman sending abortion drugs to Poland by drone

(Photo by A drone like this will be used to transport abortion drugs in Poland. Photo: Women on Waves. ) Around noon on Saturday, a drone will land in Słubice, a small town on Poland’s western border. His cargo? Multiple doses of each of the drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which taken together constitute an abortion. […]

Iowa court ruling says doctors can prescribe abortion drugs over video

Noting that the board, in a rule that went into effect this month, “generally approves the use of telemedicine,” the court wrote: “The board appears to hold abortion to a different medical standard than the other procedures.” Mark Bowden, executive director of the board, said he appeared to have no legal options left. Jenifer Bowen, […]

As More Women Tell Abortion Stories, Both Sides Claim the Advantage

Abortion rights advocates are increasingly asking women who have undergone the procedure to tell their stories publicly in a bid to combat the “shame and stigma” surrounding it. Over the past year, abortion activists have talked about their procedures online, in books, and in open forums on college campuses. One put her procedure on YouTube […]

As more women come forward with abortion stories, both sides claim the advantage: shots

Demonstrators from both sides of the abortion debate protest outside the Supreme Court in 2011. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Demonstrators from both sides of the abortion debate protest outside the Supreme Court in 2011. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Abortion rights advocates are increasingly asking women who have undergone the procedure […]

Proof that women who share their abortion stories can make a difference – ThinkProgress

With the growing emphasis on women’s personal experiences in pregnancy decisions, some advocates have begun calling 2014 “the year of abortion history.” It’s easy to see why. Reproductive rights activists have recently launched new organizations, held events on college campuses, and hosted the first-ever livestreamed abortion talk — all in an effort to give women […]

Sharing abortion stories at Speakout aims to reduce shame and stigma

“For too long…stigma and shame have been used to silence people who have had abortions,” said Julia Reticker-Flynn, associate director of youth organizing and mobilization at Advocates for Youth. “One of the reasons for the silence around abortion is that people are afraid of being judged.” The story continues under the ad No kidding. I […]

Anti-abortion society Hobby Lobby reportedly invests retirement funds in abortion drugs

Several of Hobby Lobby’s retirement plan mutual funds own stakes in companies that make the specific drugs and devices that the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, are working to keep out of health care policies. Health from Hobby Lobby: Plan B and Ella emergency contraceptive pills, and copper and hormonal intrauterine devices. These companies […]

Planned Parenthood, Tucson Gynecologist, Fights Tougher Abortion Drug Regulations | Politics

Planned Parenthood and a Tucson gynecologist are asking a federal judge to block new rules that will dramatically restrict the ability to perform abortions using drugs instead of surgery. The lawsuit filed Tuesday night argues that regulations limiting doctors’ ability to use RU-486 violate patients’ rights to liberty and privacy by placing “an unconstitutional burden […]

Why is the “gold standard” of abortion drugs not available in Canada?

Bottles of mifepristone, an abortion-inducing drug, which is not available in Canada.Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press In Canada, there are approximately 100,000 abortions a year, most of them performed surgically in clinics or hospitals. Access to the procedure varies considerably across the country. Wait times are short in larger urban centers, although they can still take several […]

Abortion drugs are closer to being subsidized, but some states are still lagging behind

Drugs mifepristone (RU486) and misoprostol are about to be listed on the Pharmacy benefit scheme (PBS) after the body that assesses whether drugs should be subsidized gave him the green light late Friday. Medications are used to terminate pregnancy. Listing them on the PBS would make them available nationwide at an affordable price. RU486 has […]

Sale of abortion drugs popular among doctors | News from Kozhikode

KOZHIKODE: The district drug control department found that the majority of bulk purchases of abortion drugs were made by doctors. Of the total sales, 60% of the abortifacients are purchased by doctors, who practice in private practice, officials of the drug control department in the clearing district reveal that only 40% of these drugs were […]

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