Louisiana passes bill to make mailing abortion pills a crime

The Louisiana State Senate on Friday passed a bill barring pregnant women from receiving abortion pills in the mail.

Driving the news: Bill makes ‘delivering, distributing, distributing or supplying’ an ‘abortion-inducing drug’ to a pregnant person a crime and requires patients to take the drug in person, despite federal guidelines which indicate that it is safe to access pills via telemedicine.

Details: If someone breaks the law, they will be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and a maximum jail term of six months.

  • The bill explicitly says it will not prohibit the use of birth control, Plan B, and other types of emergency contraception.
  • The pregnant person cannot be punished under this bill.

The context: In Louisiana, pregnant women were already required to take abortion pills in a doctor’s office or clinic, but it was not a criminal act.

  • This new bill now explicitly includes the sending of abortion pills in its definition of “criminal abortion”.

And after: The bill now heads to Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards, who has already signed anti-abortion legislation into law.

Do not forget : Louisiana is one of 13 states that has “trigger” laws banning abortion that would go into effect immediately if the Supreme Court completely overturns its precedents protecting access to the United States – which it may be prepared to do. TO DO.

  • Louisiana state lawmakers are considering a bill that would increase the criminal penalties of its “trigger” law for abortion providers.

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