Increase in the number of Georgian women interested in Plan B, abortion pills and emergency contraceptives

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – “I think people are scared,” Lauren Frazier told Planned Parenthood.

Local Georgia clinics affiliated with Planned Parenthood say their offices have been busier than usual.

“In all of our health centers we have seen a significant increase in the number of people calling, wanting birth control, emergency contraception, we have even had calls from people for vasectomy and tubal ligation services. tubes,” Frazier said.

Lauren Frazier thinks some women fear the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade does not mean the end of access to plan B, the right to abortion and even birth control.

“I absolutely don’t think people are scared for no reason,” Frazier said.

In the past month, local Planned Parenthood officials said they hired someone whose sole responsibility is to help women navigate the system, a system that could change.

“This person’s role is to help patients with out-of-state travel, with hotels, with meals — whatever it is, they need to feel supported right now,” Frazier said. .

There is an organization called Plan C. They exist to help women access abortion pills. They tell me there has been an increase in traffic to their website since the Supreme Court leak.

The Plan C co-founder tells CBS46 that they went from 2,300 people on their website per day to 56,000 after the leak. She says that on Tuesday and Wednesday, more than 2,200 Georgians visited the website. A significant increase from last week on the same days when website traffic was 207 people per day from Georgia.

“Although the battles have changed, the fight remains the same,” Frazier said.

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