Free abortion pills should be available at NYC health clinics: Bill

NEW YORK CITY — Abortion pills may soon be available “free of charge” at all New York City-run health clinics under a new bill passed by lawmakers.

City Council members voted 41 to 7 on Thursday on the bill requiring all Health Department clinics to provide FDA-approved abortion pills.

The measure is just the latest in a series of actions aimed at keeping New York City and the state as a “safe harbor” for abortion access after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Carlina Rivera, the bill’s lead sponsor and congressional candidate, also spearheaded a bill to combat bogus abortion clinics in the city.

“These bills help break down barriers to abortion care like cost and misinformation,” she said. tweeted. “By providing access to free medical abortion and demanding strong educational campaigns about predatory fake clinics, people seeking care can be empowered to make real decisions for themselves.”

The bills await Mayor Eric Adams’ signature for final approval.

Adams called the Supreme Court decision “an affront to fundamental human rights” and revealed that his girlfriend, when he was a teenager, had an abortion.

Proponents believe abortion pills are likely to be used more commonly when people from states banning the procedure travel to places like New York, as detailed in The New York Times.

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