fda: case against an e-commerce portal for the sale of abortion pills | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: The Intelligence (Drugs) Branch of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Headquarters in Mumbai filed a breach on April 29 against the e-commerce portal amazon.in for promoting and allowing sellers to use its platform. form to sell the medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) kit without a prescription or bill of sale. The MTP kit is classed as Sensitive ‘Schedule H’ under the Medicines and Cosmetics Act 1940.
The case was registered at the Kherwadi police station in Bandra (E) after an MTP kit, branded “a kare”, was delivered to the FDA headquarters. Intelligence officials had placed the orders posing as customers without providing prescriptions from a licensed physician. The FDA had taken action after observing a steady stream of MTP kit sales on e-commerce portals, flouting various standards and regulations.
The kit includes tablets having a composition of mifepristone and misoprostol, which blocks the female hormone necessary for pregnancy, progesterone, and also induces vaginal contractions for abortion.
The FDA has asserted that the kit, pursuant to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act of 2002 and Rules of 2003, may be hazardous to the health and well-being of the consumer if not taken in a designated healthcare facility or outside the supervision of a registered body. doctor. The drugs have several side effects that can aggravate the health conditions along with its benefits.
According to the press release, the FDA had contacted Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited for information about the vendor. The portal had provided details indicating that the sender was from Odisha. During the investigation, the FDA found that someone had used documents from a store in Odisha to create an ID and sell the drugs. The FDA also claimed that amazon.in also failed to disclose the drug’s generic name on its online portal. The FDA also pointed out that the list of products sold by amazon.in does not include drugs.
According to Deputy Commissioner, Intelligence Branch, Ganesh Rokade, online portals provide medicines and drugs flouting various rules and norms. “At this stage, the central government and designated authorities have yet to finalize the standards and regulations for the online sale of medicines and drugs,” he said.
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