Facebook removed a Planned Parenthood post sharing information about abortion pills

Facebook removed a post from Planned Parenthood of Michigan that shared resources for medical abortions earlier this month, as first reported by the Michigan advance.

The post, shared on the organization’s Facebook page, explained what a medical abortion is, linked to an article describing online abortion pill providers, and noted that the organization was proud to offer medical abortion to patients, according to Motherboard. A Facebook alert shows that the post has been flagged as going against community standards and the post has been restricted so that the public does not see it.

Meta spokeswoman Rachel Hamrick said the post was mistakenly deleted and has been restored.

Planned Parenthood of Michigan did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a similar post is live on the organization’s page.

Since the overthrow of Roe vs. Wade in June, advocates raised concerns about how companies like Facebook might handle abortion-related content on their platforms.

The issue of abortion pills — which are available online and legal in Michigan — has been at the center of content moderation issues at times. Shortly after the fall of Deer, social media was flooded with people offering to send abortion pills to others. Meta said the posts violated Restricted Goods policies and would remove such content from Facebook and Instagram. Meta spokesperson Andy Stone later clarified the platform’s rules, stating that content that attempts to buy, sell, trade, give, request, or give drugs is prohibited, but that discussing the availability and affordability of prescription medication is allowed.

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