Facebook and Instagram remove posts promoting abortion drugs

Facebook and Instagram are removing posts and banning users from mentioning abortion pills, The Guardian reported on Tuesday.

Both social media networks are owned by Meta and have begun removing posts mentioning abortion pills to enforce company policy that prohibits the sale of pharmaceuticals, according to comments from a Meta spokesperson given to The Guardian.

The deleted posts included memes and status updates explaining how women could get abortion pills. Some posts detailed ways to get the pills by mail in states where abortions are still legal after the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, while others offered the pills specifically to women living in states where the pills are not allowed, according to The Guardian.

Meta spokesman Andy Stone clarified Twitter that “content that discusses the affordability and accessibility of prescription drugs is permitted” and that they are working to fix application errors. (RELATED: Babylon Bee Banned From Twitter For “Hateful Conduct”)

Meta’s policy not only restricts the sale of pharmaceuticals, but also includes firearms, alcohol and drugs, according to The Guardian.

The journalists of Associated Press tested Facebook’s algorithm by writing a message saying “If you send me your address, I’ll send you abortion pills.” The account was immediately put in “warning” status and the message was deleted in less than a minute. When the words “abortion pills” were replaced with the words “a gun” and “weed,” the post was not considered a violation, according to the outlet.

Stone posted a lengthy thread earlier this month in response to a story from the Washington Post alleging that Facebook was not enforcing its policy prohibiting the sale of firearms on the platform.

Meta has not commented on the alleged discrepancy in the application of this policy, according to The Guardian.

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