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Dr. David Burkons remembers how his classmates got abortion care when he attended Ohio State University in Columbus in the 1960s.

“There was a corner on Cleveland Avenue,” Burkons says. “Tu es arrivée là-bas et une voiture est passée, tu es montée, tu lui as donné l’argent, il t’a emmenée pour te faire avorter, tu es revenue.”

By the time he graduated from medical school in 1973, the United States Supreme Court had just rendered its decision on Roe vs. Wade, legalizing abortion care nationwide. Burkons continued to give birth and interrupt pregnancies, at the service of patient choices, whatever their decision. Aujourd’hui, près de 50 ans plus tard, alors que le tribunal est sur le point d’annuler sa décision historique, Burkons s’inquiète de la manière dont les habitants de l’Ohio auront accès aux soins d’avortement dans un monde post-Roe.

“There are going to be deaths involved with this. There will be very serious consequences,” Burkons says.

Rather than people slipping into a car to be taken to a secret abortion site, Burkons says the new version of the clandestine abortion procedure will begin online when patients order pills to end a pregnancy from out-of-state and black market sellers. .

“The internet has changed everything,” Burkons says.

La plupart des personnes qui mettent fin à une grossesse le font avec une série de pilules prescrites – environ 47% dans l’Ohio, environ 54% aux États-Unis. This number has risen sharply in recent years; in 2015, only four percent of abortion treatments in Ohio were performed using medication. La première pilule habituellement prescrite est la mifépristone (nom de marque Mifeprex), tandis que la deuxième pilule, le misoprostol (nom de marque Cytotec), est prise 24 à 48 heures plus tard.

“Part of it depends on how we run our clinic. We strive to bring people very, very quickly, ”says Burkons.

Selon Burkons, ce moment sera compromis si les patientes sont obligées de trouver des pilules pour mettre fin à leur propre grossesse en ligne. The abortion pill is currently only an option during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. After nine weeks and six days, Burkons says patients are at risk for more severe cases of bleeding, cramping and more complications that may require medical attention.

While pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy very early, Burkons says most women don’t know they’re pregnant until after their first missed period, which can last well beyond six weeks. If Ohio’s trigger bans are passed and abortion care is banned, it will force patients to wait for out-of-state or overseas pills to be shipped in time to take the safe pills. Burkons doesn’t like these odds.

“I think what’s going to happen is people will find out they’re pregnant, they’ll find these sites, they’ll order the pills, the pills will come in and it’ll take a week or two to get the pills, so they vont déjà être plus avancés et il y aura beaucoup plus de chances qu’ils aient des problèmes. Et il n’y aura personne à appeler », dit Burkons.

Patients who take the right abortion pills in the first ten weeks are likely to have a successful experience, Burkons says, but uncertainty about how long a pregnancy will last could be associated with the delay in shipping medications. is still only part of the risk. Make sure you get the right online pills is the next fear of burkons.

“What you’re going to see are a lot of websites — some will be legit, some won’t,” Burkons says. “If you go online now and search for ‘abortion’, you get these crisis pregnancy centers that have very professional and misleading websites that are there to confuse women and prevent them from having abortions. I guarantee you these anti-choice people are going to make websites like this, and if people get drugs, they’ll probably be Smarties [candy] or something.”

Burkons says that even if a patient cannot get their hands on misoprostol and mifepristone, only misoprostol could operate in some cases – but the two drugs are more effective. If the supply of pills is limited, Burkons says there will be a higher rate of incomplete abortions, which will put patients at major risk of medical emergency and – depending on new laws that may arise – criminal proceedings.

“Infection, massive bleeding, that sort of thing,” Burkons says. “There are still products, and they will bleed and have to go to the emergency room.”

city ​​paw During a gathering for family planning in Cincinnati in May. She did not want to disclose her name for fear of being reprimanded by her employer.

“We don’t receive any training for this,” says the nurse. “They put their bodies at risk, their lives at risk.”

She says that current emergency staff has almost fully worked in a world where abortion care is accessible. Maintenant, dit-elle, ils doivent se préparer aux patients qui gèrent des avortements médicamenteux sans l’assistance d’un médecin ou qui subissent des avortements chirurgicaux dans des environnements non médicaux.

“They won’t be able to give information about what was done to them,” she said of the staff. “We are talking about permanent bodily harm. Infection. Death.”

Whether or not Ohioans will be able to legally order medical abortion pills by mail in a post-Roe world remains a legal gray area. Burkons says that because the state cannot prosecute doctors outside of state lines, it’s only a matter of time before lawmakers prosecute patients who seek to terminate their own pregnancies.

“Anti-Choix people always say that they are not after women. They call me the criminal,” Burkons says. “But my parking lot is full and I don’t advertise. People are looking for us. Quand il n’y a pas de médecins dans l’État à poursuivre parce que tout cela vient de l’extérieur de l’État, vous savez qu’ils vont s’en prendre aux femmes.

La peur des ennuis de la part des médecins ou de la loi est ce que Burkons craint de garder certains patients qui ont besoin d’aide loin des salles d’urgence. He advises those looking for abortion pills online to try ordering from a website with a customer support phone number – something patients can call to speak to a doctor or nurse.

“I would look for a place that at least seems to have an involved doctor,” says Burkons. “If you have a problem, there is a number to call and someone will answer that could really be able to help.”

Burkons points out that mIsoprostol and mifepristone are extremely safe and effective, but patients who take anticoagulants or who are anemic must be careful because they could lose a dangerous amount of blood.

He stresses that even if they are not pregnant, many people receive abortive pills before the imminent decision of the United States Supreme Court, which is expected in June.

“They have a long expiration period,” says Burkons. “Women are very intelligent people. They will find a way.

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