CSU and UC schools will offer abortion pills on campus

California State and UC schools to offer abortion pills on campus

The University of California and California State University campuses will soon offer more access to abortions, freeing up off-campus clinics to offer abortion services to women coming from other states.

UC and CSU are working to provide abortion pills on all of their campuses by January 1.

Currently, none of the campuses in Cal State offer medical abortions, and access within the UC system varies by campus.

University systems said they will implement a 2019 law that requires student health centers to provide abortion pills.

According to Advancing New Standard in Reproductive Health, up to 6,228 students may request medical abortions on UC and California State campuses each year.

According to a 2018 report, between 322 and 519 Cal State or UC school students request a medical abortion. About two-thirds of these students travel at least 30 minutes to the nearest off-campus clinic.

Offering abortion pills on college campuses will put less pressure on abortion clinics across California. These clinics will have more appointments for people seeking care in areas with limited abortion access and for people from states where abortion is illegal.

“Because there’s going to be this increase in people coming to California, all the clinics are going to have, you know, additional demand and kind of a struggle with capacity,” Cathren Cohen, reproductive rights expert at the UCLA Center on Reproductive Health, Law & Policy, told CalMatters. “While this won’t necessarily help everyone coming from out of state, it will just increase the number of abortion providers.”

UCLA’s Center on Reproductive Health, Law, and Policy estimates that as many as 8,000 to 16,100 people may come to California for abortions each year.

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