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‘It will be etched in my memory forever’ – women report disturbing ‘homemade’ abortion stories

(Right to life UK) With ‘DIY’ home abortions now accounting for more than half of all abortions in England and Wales, women continue to tell disturbing stories about what it’s really like to have an unsupervised abortion medical. The Mail tells the story of two women, Emily Price and Katherine Telby, who have both had […]

Why authentic abortion stories on TV and in movies are a sign of the times in the post-Roe era

In 2004, a Canadian TV show made headlines for a controversial episode in which a pregnant teenager decides, much to her boyfriend’s dismay, to have an abortion. Her mother drives her to the clinic. Yes it was Degrassi: the next generation — and the infamous episode, titled Accidents will happenwas postponed for American viewers after […]

“Abortion Stories USA” at Lump Gallery is a powerful assertion of reproductive rights

Abortion Stories United States | Until Sunday August 28 | Lump Gallery, Raleigh At the corner of East Cabarrus Street and South Blount Street in Raleigh, past the neighborhood barbershop and the Baptist Church, you’ll find the modest gray storefront of Lump Gallery. Step into the gallery this month (dodging, perhaps, to escape the heat) […]

Reviews | From ‘Dirty Dancing’ to ‘Scandal,’ On-Screen Abortion Stories Carry the Swing

In the weeks following the fall of Roe v. Wade, people have supported abortion access and rights in many ways, including spreading information about abortion pills and standing up for courageous doctors. My contribution was to think about television and films. Abortion has been depicted on television and in film since the silent films of […]

Two Indiana Women Share Their Abortion Stories and Differing Opinions – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather forecast

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two Indiana women have two abortion stories and two different sides to the issue. News 8’s Hanna Mordoh sat down with the women to hear their unique perspectives on abortion a week before Indiana lawmakers meet for a special session to adopt new restrictions on abortion. Chelsea Pell and Michelle Mimms-Duchan both […]

Our Abortion Stories: “The Judges Who Signed the Dobbs Opinion Don’t Care About Me at 14”

Rachel Nix, 24, sits on a sidewalk while treating the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling in the United States Supreme Court on June 24, 2022 in Washington, DC (Brandon Bell/Getty Images) On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned longstanding precedents of Roe v. Wade, representing the greatest blow to women’s constitutional rights in […]

Phoebe Bridgers, Halsey, Naya Rivera: How celebrity abortion stories became a fixture in the fight for reproductive rights

In 1985, Ali MacGraw, the Oscar-nominated star Love storyappeared on the cover of People magazine. The headline read, “Abortion – No Easy Answers.” A caption announced that nine women, including MacGraw, had decided to “tell radically different stories about how [abortion] affected their lives. Twelve years had passed since the 1973 Supreme Court decision in […]

Our Abortion Stories: “The word ‘freedom’ is hypocrisy when women lose the right to control their own bodies”

Protesters are holding a “die-in” in Boston on May 16, 2022 to represent women who are at risk of dying while seeking illegal abortions or as a result of pregnancy complications. (Erin Clark/The Boston Globe via Getty Images) On June 24, the Supreme Court overturned longstanding precedents of Roe v. Wade, representing the greatest blow […]

‘The Janes’ tell their abortion stories and ‘The Righteous’ burns slowly

“The Janes” Before the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision paved the way for legal abortion in the United States, many American women had to pay harassed criminals exorbitant sums for life-threatening, quasi-medical procedures. . Beginning in the late 1960s, a Chicago-based underground network attempted to connect women with real doctors, while charging what patients […]

Women share abortion stories amid furor over SCOTUS opinion leak

Internet Explorer 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. NEXT January 6 committee requests Secret Service texts by Tuesday 06:27 ‘This can’t be the final report’: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) reacts to latest Uvalde report 08:36 ‘It’s an attack on the Constitution itself’: Prominent Republicans push back […]

Women share their abortion stories (VIDEO)

By Maura SirianiMay 7, 2022 Newsy’s Maura Sirianni spoke to a woman who considers herself “pro-life” and another who considers herself “pro-choice”. Both had abortions. “I can’t physically, emotionally, or mentally properly care for this child,” said Amanda, who considers herself “pro-choice.” When Amanda became pregnant at 21, she was in an abusive relationship, between […]

Revisiting Abortion Activism: “Abortion Stories 2022” This Weekend at Tompkins Square Park and Cindy Rucker Gallery

Courtesy of Abortion Stories. Over the past few days, public outcry and defense for abortion has grown since POLITICO released an initial draft majority opinion repudiating federal constitutional protections for abortion rights. Abortion advocacy images from the 1970s and 1980s circulated on social media – ranging from Barbara Kruger’s iconic ‘Your body is a battlefield’ […]

Watch 5 members of Congress share their personal abortion stories. Rep. Barbara Lee said “it was an alley clinic” and “I thanked God I survived.”

U.S. Representative Barbara Lee, Democrat of California, attends a press conference on the reintroduction of the ‘Women’s Health Protection Act’ at the House Triangle of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, May 23, 2019.Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images Five members of Congress shared their personal abortion stories in a video posted by Elle. “They’re all rooted in […]

In France, the film “Happening” presents women sharing stories of abortion

PARIS — “Happening,” Audrey Diwan’s film about a clandestine abortion in 1960s France, is not for the faint-hearted. Indeed, spectators fainted during several screenings, notably at the Venice Film Festival last September, where it won the Golden Lion. “It’s often the men who say the experience pushed them to the limit of what they could […]

Abortion stories on television shape real-life laws. How the story went from the 1960s to today

Following Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion that the Supreme Court will likely overturn Roe v. Wade, Press Play rebroadcasts a television interview influencing conversations about public abortion policy. Tanya Melendez, a University of Illinois researcher who studies television, rhetoric and public discourse, says television lied about abortion. “The overriding lie was that this was just […]

Transgender people tell their abortion stories in “Trans Bodies, Trans Choices”

Content Warning: This story contains mentions of sexual assault and suicidal ideation. As states across the country consider bills that would erode the rights of transgender youth, these targeted bills aren’t the only legislation threatening the freedom of trans people. The Supreme Court is set to hear an abortion case that could overturn Roe v. […]

Women share their secret abortion stories for the 1 of 3 campaign

Brittany Mostiller had just turned 23 when she found out she was pregnant again. She thought about suicide. The Chicago native was already a mother of three girls under the age of seven and barely getting by, working part-time as a grocery store cashier and living in a two-bedroom apartment with her sister and niece. […]

Media Asks For Abortion Stories, Receives Tons Of Pro-Life Responses

(daily thread) On Christmas Day, analytics and data site FiveThirtyEight posted a question on Twitter asking for abortion stories, and many of the responses they received were not pro-abortion. The website tweeted“Do you have an abortion story? We want to hear from you,” with a link to an article on the site. Do you have […]

‘The right choice for me’: North Carolina residents share their abortion stories

LR featured photo: Myra Dancy Doyle, Natasha Smith, Abby Catoe and Autumn M. (courtesy photos) In Mississippi, people are eagerly waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on a case that could limit abortions to the first 15 weeks of pregnancy. In Texas, lawmakers have already imposed a six-week abortion ban. Now in North Carolina, […]

More TV shows are telling abortion stories. But often they do not reflect reality.

Like more states pass restrictive abortion laws and the conservative majority in The Supreme Court is actively trying to dismantle Roe v. wadeAbortion stories on television did not adequately depict barriers to abortion access, according to a new report. “What really touched me this year – and over the past two years, really – is […]

There’s power in sharing abortion stories, say advocates

As the Supreme Court prepares to potentially hear several cases involving abortion, attorneys are relying on the personal anecdotes of people who have undergone the procedure. In the southern states where these battles are fought, especially, that means relying on low-income women and women of color to share their stories. Supreme Court justices weighed on […]

Representatives Bush, Jayapal and Lee share personal abortion stories ahead of December Roe vs. Wade challenge

On Thursday, Sept. 30, Democratic lawmakers shared their personal abortion stories at a meeting of the House Reproductive Rights Oversight Committee. The hearing assessed Texas law SB8, which prohibits abortions after six weeks and allows private citizens to sue anyone accused of having one or helping someone obtain the procedure. The Supreme Court decided earlier […]

Cori Bush and Other Congressmen Share Personal Abortion Stories | Abortion

Democratic lawmakers shared the personal stories behind their past abortion decisions at a meeting of the House Reproductive Rights Oversight Committee on Thursday. Representatives Cori Bush of Missouri, Barbara Lee of California and Pramila Jayapal from Washington testified at the committee hearing and also shared details about their earlier abortions during an exclusive interview with […]

Cori Bush and Other Members of Congress Share Their Abortion Stories in Official Testimony

Content Warning: This story is about sexual assault. During a reproductive rights hearing this week, Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-Mo.) shared her testimony on abortion before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, alongside Women of the Congress Barbara Lee and Pramila Jayapal. “To all the black women and girls who have had and are going […]

Members of Congress Share Their Own Abortion Stories at Hearing | Missouri News

By JIM SALTER, Associated Press On Thursday, three Democratic members of Congress offered deeply personal testimony about their own abortions as a congressional committee considered how to respond to conservative states that pass laws limiting abortion access. Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri said she was raped during a youth trip to church. Representative Barbara Lee […]

Members of Congress share personal abortion stories during House hearing

Reps. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) spoke Thursday about their own abortions at a House Oversight Committee hearing on the right to abortion. Why is this important: Congress is assessing the state of abortion rights in the United States after a Texas law took effect earlier this month that bans […]

Members of Congress share their own abortion stories at the hearing

On Thursday, three Democratic members of Congress offered deeply personal testimony about their own abortions as a congressional committee considered how to respond to conservative states that pass laws limiting abortion access. Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri said she was raped during a youth trip to church. Representative Barbara Lee of California said she had […]

These Congresswomen Shared Abortion Stories That Shouldn’t Need To Be Told

The House Oversight and Reform Committee held a hearing Thursday on abortion rights in response to the wave of anti-abortion laws instituted across the country. Three Democratic women — Representatives Cori Bush of Missouri, Pramila Jayapal of Washington and Barbara Lee of California — all shared their personal stories of having had abortions. In a […]

House members share personal abortion stories to preserve procedural rights

WASHINGTON — Three members of Congress shared their personal and sometimes painful abortion stories Thursday, in an emotional hearing that comes amid an escalating battle over a Texas law that is the most restrictive in the world. country. Two of the lawmakers said they were teenagers when they decided to end their pregnancies. Rep. Barbara […]

Lawmakers share their abortion stories ahead of Congressional hearing

Democratic Representatives Cori Bush (Mo.), Pramila Jayapal (Wash.) and Barbara Lee (California) shared their abortion stories on Wednesday, a day before a Congressional hearing on procedural access, which is more more threatened. In one interview with NBC News this Airing Wednesday night on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut with Joy Reid,” Jayapal opened up about getting pregnant […]

Indian women fight stigma by sharing their personal abortion stories

Illustrations by Mumbai-based illustrator Indu Harikumar under the hashtag #MyAbortionStory, which features personal stories of how women discovered their pregnancy and everything that followed. IMAGES: INDU HARIKUMAR “I had just turned 26, my partner was unemployed [and] I had a hard time understanding life,” an anonymous woman said in an Instagram post from the My […]

Women shouldn’t have to tell abortion stories to remind lawmakers they are human | Arwa Mahdawi

Sign up for Patriarchy Week, a newsletter on feminism and sexism sent out every Saturday. #YouKnowMe: powerful but also deeply depressing It’s been another terrible week for reproductive rights in America: Alabama banned abortion and Missouri passed a bill banning abortion after eight weeks. Emboldened by Trump, the right has escalated its war on abortion, […]

#YouKnowMe: why women are sharing their abortion stories

On Wednesday, Alabama’s governor signed the nation’s most restrictive abortion ban. Women are now pushing back — and pointing out how common abortion is in America — by sharing their own abortion stories using the hashtag, #YouKnowMe. The movement was started by actress Busy Philipps, known for her roles in Dawson’s Creek, freaks and geeks, […]

10 Celebrities Who Have Shared Abortion Stories

Paul ArchuletaGetty Images In the past 10 days, Georgia and Alabama passed dangerously restrictive abortion laws that will put women’s lives and health at risk. With Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill,” women won’t be able to have an abortion after a heartbeat is detected, which can happen after just six weeks of pregnancy and two weeks after […]

Men are now sharing abortion stories. Is it useful?

Justice Breyer’s spectacularly calculated exit from the Supreme Court has a clear lesson Biden’s very short SCOTUS list has a very obvious leader What Conservatives Really Mean When They Say Biden’s Potential SCOTUS Nominees Are ‘Unqualified’ Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill is next step in right-wing school panic Following this month’s wave of abortion bans […]

Women Share Abortion Stories Rebuke Alabama ‘Ban’ | American News

Women are sharing their abortion stories on social media in response to the state of Alabama’s vote to impose a near-total ban on the procedure. Celebrities join the #youknowme online campaign, which aims to protect women’s right to access abortion, educate about the dangers of clandestine abortions and criticize the act of men who legislate […]

#YouKnowMe Hashtag Explained – Women Share Abortion Stories on Twitter

On Tuesday night, Alabama passed a law banning nearly all forms of abortion in the state, with no exceptions for rape or incest. The measure would make the procedure a crime for doctors, punishable by 99 years in prison. The bill, which was designed to challenge the precedent set by Roe v. Wade, was signed […]

Thousands of women share #YouKnowMe abortion stories

As Alabama enacted a law this week that would ban nearly all abortions in the US state, actor Busy Philipps felt compelled to act. “Women deserve compassion and understanding in their personal health choices,” says the 39-year-old. “It’s something a lot of people experience and go through in their lives, and it’s a health decision […]

Celebrities share personal abortion stories as campaign goes viral

Rihanna has called idiots the Alabama state senators who voted in favor of a near total ban on abortion in the state, while celebrities continue to rail against the law. The singer, originally from Barbados, wrote in a tweet on Thursday: “Take a look.” it’s the idiots who make the decisions for WOMEN in America. […]

Busy Philipps’ #youknowme campaign sparks emotional stories about abortion

Actress and talk show host Busy Philipps is bringing private conversations about abortion into public discourse with the #youknowme campaign, an effort to get women talking about their abortion experiences amid restrictive abortion laws. practice are gaining ground across the country. “1 in 4 women have had an abortion,” Philipps tweeted Tuesday night as Alabama […]

Women Flood Social Media to Share Their Own Abortion Stories in Reaction to Alabama Ban

Hundreds of women are taking to social media to share stories about their abortions in a global anger reaction to Alabama’s decision to impose a near-total ban on the procedure. As news broke overnight that Alabama had signed the law into law, thousands of people furiously took to Twitter to condemn the decision as an […]

Women share abortion stories with #YouKnowMe after near-total ban in Alabama

On Wednesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a near-total ban on abortion into state law. Following a related move in Georgia, women across the country shared their abortion stories on Twitter using the hashtag #You know me before and after Ivey’s action in Alabama. Women spoke out in droves against threats to abortion and reproductive […]

Milla Jovovich and Jameela Jamil share abortion stories to speak out against Georgia law

CNN — Milla Jovovich is the latest actress to reveal she had an abortion, while criticizing abortion bills in Georgia and other states. The ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Resident Evil’ star wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday that she had an “emergency abortion” two years ago while filming in Eastern Europe and she was 4 and […]

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