Botched late abortion procedure in Denver, sending victim to ER

A Denver Planned Parenthood sent a woman to the hospital after she botched a late-term abortion, with the injury apparently so severe the abortion could not be completed.

Operation Rescue reported that a 36-year-old woman had an abortion at 23 weeks pregnant at Planned Parenthood Park Hill Health Center. According to the detailed incident report, an ambulance was needed after the abortionist was unable to complete the abortion due to complications. It was unclear what complications prevented the abortion from completing.

Currently, abortion is legal in Colorado during all nine months of pregnancy, for any reason.

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Details are not known, but Operation Rescue said the woman was likely taken to the emergency room with the body of her unborn child still inside her. The most common abortion procedure performed at 23 weeks is a dilation and evacuation (D&E), or dismemberment, abortion. During this procedure, the abortionist begins by dilating the woman’s cervix using laminaria rods. After waiting for the dilation to take place (sometimes a day or two), the woman then returns to the facility, where the abortionist further dilates her cervix with a speculum, then uses sharp sopher forceps to dismember the body, limbs of her unborn child’s torso.

The procedure carries risks of various complications, as probably happened during this procedure. Women may suffer from cervical or uterine lacerations or perforations, excessive bleeding or hemorrhage, damage to other maternal organs, or death. It can also come with a risk of long-term damage to the cervix, due to forced cervical dilation.

Operation Rescue said it was the 12th known medical emergency at the Planned Parenthood facility in 12 years.

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