Amy Schumer slammed for praising delivery of abortion pills by mail: ‘Serious help needed’

Stand-up comedian Amy Schumer has faced anger from internet users after celebrating the easy accessibility of abortion pills and saying it was like liposuction. The 40-year-old’s comment follows the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) announcement on Thursday, December 16, to mail the pills to the person in need without personally identifying themselves. The decision was made after a federal judge ordered it due to the coronavirus pandemic and fears of its rapid spread in healthcare settings.

Several people welcomed the move, including Schumer, who took to Instagram to air his views. She wrote while tagging a book: “Mifepristone is the name of the abortion pill. Also, I had lipo around my c-section after my hysterectomy decided to offer me a highly recommended guy name Dr. Jordan Terner. Do whatever you want to feel safe about yourself. Still trying to keep it 💯 read book caste too!”


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The actress’ social media post ‘I Feel Pretty’, who had her first child in 2019, garnered over 29,000 likes with a number of reactions. While some supported Schumer for his views on pill delivery, many opposed and questioned his views. One defender wrote: “Fantastic news! Another said, “great message and phenomenal book! I am currently reading caste, myself. “safety and doing what it takes to feel good about yourself. wise words,” the third added.

But one of its critics said: ‘It’s a pretty serious pill. Even planned parenthood recommends a follow-up visit. I hope women are smart about this and seek medical advice afterwards, even if they are buying unsupervised. The second noted: “Murder in the mail!!! How cool!!! You women need EXTREME mental help. Also look at the female prison population!! 8 to 10 times what it was 30 years ago!!! Seek SERIOUS help!!!”

One user suggested, “My friend died after taking this medicine. I think it should be monitors (sic) for a woman’s health and well-being. Another commented: ‘This is terrible news, it means women who want to get rid of the life inside them can do it more easily, just think about it and if your mother had decided the same thing before you were born, you wouldn’t have been born and you wouldn’t be here, think about it. “It can still be banned at the state level because a doctor still has to prescribe the pill via an online or phone call (at a minimum). It’s a step in the right direction, but definitely not the solution we hoped,” added the third user.

Meanwhile, others who seemed pleased with the new rule were American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Senior Legislative Counsel Georgeanne Usova, who said, “The FDA’s decision to permanently remove the requirement for In-person pill pickup is a big step forward that will allow many more patients to get this safe, time-saving medicine when they are ready, without travel costs or delays. Planned Parenthood also responded by saying, “By eliminating medically unnecessary restrictions, patients in many states can access medical abortion in the privacy of their own home.”

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