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Fortunately, it was early enough for a medical abortion. However, the people who helped me didn’t seem to have any medical knowledge. A pharmacy that sold the pills told me to insert two pills into my vagina. It caused a lot of pain, but no abortion.

Then I went to an underground clinic, and they told me to wait a few weeks until the fetus was bigger and they could remove it. It really scared me. I didn’t want to wait any longer, I was eight weeks pregnant.

I went back to the pharmacy to buy those pills again, and I had an abortion this time. It was like menstrual cramps. I was so relieved. It was like I was taking my life back.

At the time, I only talked about abortion with my boyfriend. The fact that he despises me made me realize that abortion was the best decision I could have made. When I broke up with him years later, he told my whole family that I had an abortion. I became severely depressed and cried all the time because of the things my sisters said to me. After 10 years, my family still judges me because of it.

When the anti-abortion people talk about post-abortion depression, I really think the depression is because of how they make you feel. They blame you, they reject you, and they turn their backs on you.

When I was touched by the things they said, I talked about it with a friend. I knew she was a feminist. She was always talking about women having choices.

Democratic Republic of Congo: “There’s no need to be afraid”

We were coming back from the lake. Armed men had arrived, so the others fled. I didn’t have the strength to run and they raped me.

When I got home, I was afraid to tell my husband about it. I missed my next period. He knew something was wrong, so I explained to him what had happened. It was then that we arrived at the hospital. They gave me abortion pills and I took them, they really helped me.

I told the nurse that I was afraid to seek treatment. “We are here to help you,” said the nurse. “When you come to the hospital, it’s confidential. No one else can listen to what we talk about with you. There is no need to be afraid. You did well to come, we will always help.

If I meet someone who needs help, I will advise them to go see the nurses. I will explain to them the advantages of coming to the hospital and the consequences of not doing so.

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