A woman dies after taking abortion pills; 6 reserved

Husband, in-laws and doctor among those reserved.

Kashimira Police, Mira Road, have booked six people following the death of a pregnant woman caused by the consumption of abortion pills.

The 32-year-old was about six weeks pregnant; reserved people include her husband, a real estate agent, her in-laws, their family doctor and a medical representative. Police have opened an investigation, although no arrests have been made so far.

According to officials, the police visited a house in Poonam cluster area on May 3 after being informed of the “accidental death” of a woman (name withheld), mother of an 18-month-old daughter.

Initially, the police recorded a accidental death in the case and began their investigation. A medical exam of the deceased revealed that she had lost a lot of blood from her private part.

During the investigation, police seized a bloodstained sheet, some pills and painkillers prescribed by the doctor consulted by the family. Police sent the seized pills to Tembha hospital, which it said were intended to induce an abortion, officials said.

“We then made inquiries with the family members of the deceased and they recounted the whole sequence of events which led to the death of the woman. Between April 28 and May 3, the doctor had prescribed abortion pills to the victim’s husband and knew that the family performed the abortion at their home. The husband, through his friend, received the abortion pills from a medical representative. Said medical representative knew that these pills were not to be supplied without a doctor’s prescription, but he gave them the pills,” a police officer said.

“On the instructions of the doctor, the woman took abortion pills from 01 to 02 May. The next morning, she began to see blood loss from her private part and was in pain, after which the doctor advised her family to give him a painkiller prescribed by him. . A few hours later, the woman died,” the officer said.

“Prima facie investigations and autopsy reports indicate that the woman died from an overdose of pregnancy termination pills. We have recorded an FIR against six people, including her husband, in-laws, son family doctor, her husband’s friend and an MR for providing such pills without valid prescriptions. The family assumed that the pregnancy would be terminated by consuming pills, but the woman’s health kept deteriorating,” Chief Inspector Sanjay Hazare told the Mumbai Mirror.

The investigation team is collecting more evidence, following which further action will be taken against the suspects, who have been convicted under Article 314 (death caused by an act committed with intent to provoke miscarriage) of Indian Penal Code and Medical Termination sections of Pregnancy Act 1971.

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