A new bill in Iowa would ban the mailing of abortion pills

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) — Iowa House Republicans on the Human Resources Committee have passed a bill banning the mailing of abortion pills.

KCCI reports that the bill would require a person seeking an abortion-inducing drug to receive the drug in person at a health care facility.

If passed, anyone who knowingly violates the bill could face a felony charge.

Opponents fear the bill could prevent Iowans from accessing pills by mail or prescription, thereby limiting access to legal abortion.

“These bills do not address any patient needs,” said Jamie Burch Elliott, executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa. “It is very clear that the attempt here is simply to cut corners on the right to abortion.”

Pulse Life Advocates, an Iowa statewide pro-life organization, believes the pills are unsafe and should only be dispensed in a health care setting.

“We’ve heard from women in Iowa who have had severe complications from RU-486 and felt like they were going to bleed to death, often in their bathroom,” said Maggie Dewitte, executive director of Pulse Life Advocates.

The bill now heads to the State House floor for debate.

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