A female constable files an FIR against an inspector

A female police officer in Bangalore filed a complaint against a police inspector on Thursday, accusing him of raping her after he cheated on her with a promise of marriage, threatened her and forced her to swallow pills to abortion.

The complaint was filed against R. Madhusudhan, who is attached to the State Intelligence Department. The investigation was taken over by Govindarajnagar Police Station following the constable’s complaint.

According to the police, she had known the inspector since 2017. After promising the victim to marry her, he took her to a resort on the outskirts of Bangalore and forcibly had sex with her. After that, she developed health complications.

The inspector would then have asked him not to reveal the affair to anyone and again promised to marry him and continue his affair with her. In 2019, when she got pregnant, the inspector took her to Chikkaballapur and forced her to swallow abortion pills. When health complications arose after that, he had taken her to Kolar Hospital and had an abortion.

The inspector had kept her in a rented house in Moodalapalya. When she insisted on getting married, the accused assaulted her again and kicked her in the abdomen. She stated in her complaint that she again had to have an abortion because she was pregnant again.

She also alleged that on February 19, the accused threatened her with death.

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