Month: September 2022

‘It will be etched in my memory forever’ – women report disturbing ‘homemade’ abortion stories

(Right to life UK) With ‘DIY’ home abortions now accounting for more than half of all abortions in England and Wales, women continue to tell disturbing stories about what it’s really like to have an unsupervised abortion medical. The Mail tells the story of two women, Emily Price and Katherine Telby, who have both had […]

Online clinic offering abortion pills to patients who are not pregnant for future use

An online clinic offers abortion pills to patients who are not pregnant in Illinois and several other states, keeping the drug on hand for future use. Choice, a California-based reproductive healthcare startup, launched the service on Wednesday to increase abortion access, particularly after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, ending federal […]

Nurse practitioner says CVS fired her for refusing to give abortion drugs

A former nurse practitioner who worked at a MinuteClinic in Virginia is suing CVS Health, alleging the company fired her because she refused to give certain contraceptives or abortive medications, in accordance with her religious beliefs. Paige Casey’s attorneys said in a lawsuit filed in county court that CVS, owner of MinuteClinic, exempted the nurse […]

Virginia supplier fired for refusing to supply contraceptives, abortion pills, sues CVS

A Virginia nurse practitioner has filed a lawsuit against drugstore chain CVS after she said she was fired from the Alexandria MinuteClinic for refusing to provide certain birth control or abortion pills to customers, reports 7News. Paige Casey has filed a lawsuit in the Prince William County Circuit Court, with her lawyers saying she was […]

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