Month: August 2022

The first home abortion pills will be permanently available in England and Wales | Political news

Home abortion pills will be made permanently available to women in England and Wales from the end of the month, the government has announced. The so-called “pills in the mail” were made available temporarily when the COVID pandemic hit in March 2020. It allowed women to have early medical abortions at home, by taking two […]

Facebook restricted a family planning post telling people about abortion pills

Image: Justin Sullivan/Staff Facebook restricted a post from Planned Parenthood of Michigan that contained factual information about abortion pills and also included a link to an article on where to get abortion pills online. Abortion is legal in Michigan. The news shows that Facebook and its parent company Meta’s continue to face content moderation issues […]

Montana Planned Parenthood resumes giving abortion pills to out-of-state clients

(live action) Montana Planned Parenthood facilities have announced they will resume performing chemical abortions on out-of-state patients. The abortion giant previously said it would stop distributing abortion pills to these patients for fear of possible lawsuits, but an executive order from the Biden administration reassured them that they would be protected by committing these abortions. […]

Abortion in Texas: Procedure should be allowed in cases of rape and incest, say nearly 90% of voters in UT poll

Most registered voters in Texas oppose a comprehensive abortion ban, but are split on how available abortion should be, according to a june poll conducted by the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas at Austin. The video above is from a previous report. State abortion clinics stopped offering abortions almost immediately after the […]

Facebook helps cops arrest teen for buying abortion pills

Imprisoning 17-year-old girls, that’s social media Facebook provided user information to Nebraska police, leading directly to the prosecution of a 17-year-old girl for alleged crimes related to ordering abortion pills online. The notworking social team didn’t even bother to challenge the order she just gave the teenagers, direct messages to the cops, who are now […]

Why authentic abortion stories on TV and in movies are a sign of the times in the post-Roe era

In 2004, a Canadian TV show made headlines for a controversial episode in which a pregnant teenager decides, much to her boyfriend’s dismay, to have an abortion. Her mother drives her to the clinic. Yes it was Degrassi: the next generation — and the infamous episode, titled Accidents will happenwas postponed for American viewers after […]

“Abortion Stories USA” at Lump Gallery is a powerful assertion of reproductive rights

Abortion Stories United States | Until Sunday August 28 | Lump Gallery, Raleigh At the corner of East Cabarrus Street and South Blount Street in Raleigh, past the neighborhood barbershop and the Baptist Church, you’ll find the modest gray storefront of Lump Gallery. Step into the gallery this month (dodging, perhaps, to escape the heat) […]

The web is home to an illegal bazaar of abortion pills. The FDA is ill-equipped to stop it.

“Counterfeit criminals go where there is demand – and there is demand and there are access issues,” said Libby Baney, senior adviser to the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies, a group defense of the abortion pill market. “This creates a criminal opportunity and a major risk to patient safety.” Google says it is generally unable […]

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