Month: June 2022

Explainer: The risks Ohioans will take to get abortion pills online if Roe v. Wade is canceled | Ohio News | Cincinnati

Dr. David Burkons remembers how his classmates got abortion care when he attended Ohio State University in Columbus in the 1960s. “There was a corner on Cleveland Avenue,” Burkons says. “Tu es arrivée là-bas et une voiture est passée, tu es montée, tu lui as donné l’argent, il t’a emmenée pour te faire avorter, tu […]

‘The Janes’ tell their abortion stories and ‘The Righteous’ burns slowly

“The Janes” Before the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision paved the way for legal abortion in the United States, many American women had to pay harassed criminals exorbitant sums for life-threatening, quasi-medical procedures. . Beginning in the late 1960s, a Chicago-based underground network attempted to connect women with real doctors, while charging what patients […]

Louisiana Legislature Passes Bill Banning Mail Order Abortion Drugs

A bill to ban women in Louisiana from receiving medication needed for a medical abortion in the mail passed Friday. Republican Senator Slidell Sharon Hewitt’s Senate Bill 388 would make it illegal for companies to supply the two drugs – mifepristone and misoprostol – through the mail with criminal penalties as consequences. CRIMINALIZATION OF ABORTION:Louisiana […]

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