Month: August 2016

Reviews | ‘Abortion: Stories told by women’ brings kindness to an often ugly debate

The smartest thing Tragos does is refuse to stack the deck by portraying abortion opponents as hateful or deceived. As she captures protests and preaching outside the Hope Clinic, where a number of her subjects go for abortions, Tragos interviews a young activist, Reagan, regional coordinator of Students for Life, who describes harassment outside clinics […]

Review: Beyond politics in “Abortion: Stories told by women”

In Tracy Droz Tragos’ documentary “Abortion: Stories from Women,” the stories flow with the tears of women who have had abortions as well as those fighting to make them illegal. But most striking are the patients at the clinic who felt deprived of someone to confide in during their pregnancy and who want to reassure […]

“Abortion: Stories Women Tell” – Thoughtfully and Painfully [MOVIE REVIEW]

Friend. Photo courtesy of HBO Produced by HBO, one of the flagships of documentary filmmaking, “Abortion: Stories Women Tell” is thoughtfully and incisively directed by Tracy Droz Tragos. “Abortion: Stories Told by Women” highlights the impact of the lack of medical availability on women in Missouri, her home state and one of four states in […]

‘Abortion: Stories Women Tell’ reviews HBO documentary

CNN — “Abortion: Stories from Women” is HBO’s latest advocacy-focused documentary chronicling the impact of Missouri’s abortion restrictions on people forced to cross the border into Illinois to seek procedures. Spared and sober, it’s a solid look at how the issue remains raw, although given how entrenched opinions are, it’s unlikely to change many hearts […]

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