Month: June 2015

Protest drone will fly abortion drugs across Polish border

From the near-mythical taco-copter that never existed to Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery system, the idea of ​​transporting goods to people by stealing a robot remains compelling, despite few practical applications. For every serious attempt, there are also plenty of gimmick drones, which use the technology more as a means of grabbing headlines than anything […]

Battle brews against Dutch drones set to drop abortive drugs in Poland

Joanna Michnicka/Federation for Women and Planned Parenthood The Dutch activist group women on the waves (WOW) plans use drones to administer abortive drugs to women in Poland, where abortion is almost completely prohibited. The “abortion drones” are set to launch from Frankfurt, Germany, this Saturday and transport the drugs to Slubice, Poland, where groups of […]

Meet the woman sending abortion drugs to Poland by drone

(Photo by A drone like this will be used to transport abortion drugs in Poland. Photo: Women on Waves. ) Around noon on Saturday, a drone will land in Słubice, a small town on Poland’s western border. His cargo? Multiple doses of each of the drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which taken together constitute an abortion. […]

Iowa court ruling says doctors can prescribe abortion drugs over video

Noting that the board, in a rule that went into effect this month, “generally approves the use of telemedicine,” the court wrote: “The board appears to hold abortion to a different medical standard than the other procedures.” Mark Bowden, executive director of the board, said he appeared to have no legal options left. Jenifer Bowen, […]

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